Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween 2012

A Cheerleader and a Football Player

My Dead Cheerleader

Trick or Treating
I had to work all day this year on Halloween. The boys wanted to have a few friends over to eat pizza and watch scary movies. So no costumes for them this year. Rylee dressed up as WX Football player and her friend, Kyle, dressed up like a cheerleader. He even let Ry put make up on him. Jenna wanted to be a dead cheerleader and Rylee helped by doing her make up and making her look scary. It was the warmest Halloween I can remember and I loved it. I got home in time to take Jenna trick or treating after she had already been with some of her friends.

The Big Performance

Cole doing his thing!

Dad, Grandpa, Band Leader
                          My parents neighbors had their annual family Halloween party. The band set up in their garage, luckily it was a beautiful night outside. They were amazing!!! It was so much fun watching my dad and my boys doing something they love.  I kept telling Cole to smile. He told me rock stars don't smile. I said well at least look like you are having fun, he assured me he was. They covered some Beatles, Tom Petty, and more. Everyone enjoyed listening and some even danced. Thanks dad for teaching my boys to appreciate music and for creating incredible experiences they will never forget!
The Playlist

Noah didn't smile much either.

Taylor and Grandpa

My amazing talented boys! So much fun watching and listening
to them play. 

Cole and Eliza

Band Practice

Cole and Grandpa rocking out.
 My dad agreed to perform for a neighborhood Halloween party and was so excited to get the grand kids to perform with him. They practiced all day one Saturday and had so much fun. My dad plays guitar and harmonica as well as sings. Cole plays guitar and Noah the drums. My niece, Eliza, plays guitar and sings. My nephew, Taylor, sings.
The Band

Noah jammin!

Annual Halloween Cookie Decorating with Grandma Susie

Jenna ate more frosting than she put on the cookies.
 Every year my mom makes sugar cookies and has all the kids come over to decorate. This year was a little crazy. Jenna was going to a play with Grandma Carol on the only day everyone else could come. So she went the night before and decorated by herself. The next day the boys and Rylee went as well as Leah's kids. The boys were having band practice (see the next post) and so weren't really into decorating this year.

Rylee making her cookies.

Fun Filled Family Day

Cole loved the buffet: pizza, pasta, and dessert, all favorites of his.
 I have been working SO much recently. I LOVE my job, but it is hard working days. I feel like I don't see Mike and the kiddos as much. They had a couple days off of school for UEA and luckily I had a day off too. We took advantage and spent the day as a family. First we tried a new pizza buffet in town, it was pretty good. The kids loved the dessert pizzas the best.
Jenna liked the oreo pizza the best!

 Then we stopped by the Farmington Pond so Mike could show us where he has been fishing lately. We walked around the pond and the kids all took a few turns swinging on a rope swing. I thought for sure one of them would fall in the cold water, but luckily they all hung on tight and stayed dry.
We then headed to Get Air (an indoor trampoline park). It was a lot of fun, but my pictures were all blurry.
Then we went to the movies! It was a fun day! So nice to be together and just enjoy each other.




My crazy kiddos!

Their crazy parents.

The Game of the (almost) Quarter Century

The Cheerleaders and the Football team,
both so much fun to watch!
We have had so much fun going to all the WX Football games this year. We go of course to watch Rylee cheer, but the team has had their best year in a LONG time, so it has been fun to cheer them on as well. The night of the big rivalry game was cold and very wet. It rained all afternoon and through out most of the game. We had home field advantage and it was packed, despite the weather. It was a great game, the boys played their best and held on strong to beat Bountiful 14-0. It was the first time WX had beat Bountiful in a football game in 23, yes 23, years!
The students ready to rush onto the field to celebrate.

It was SO wet, but the students and players didn't seem to
notice as they celebrated an amazing win!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


 Rylee wanted to do something fun on Saturday with the other Sophmore Cheerleaders that were not going to the Homecoming Dance. They decided to go to the ColorFest at the fairgrounds. I was lucky enough to take them and be their photographer. They had so much fun throwing colored chalk all over each other, tumbling, stunting, and being their crazy selves. I am so glad Rylee has these amazing girls in her life and that they all get along with no drama.