Monday, December 07, 2009


Today was my last day of clinicals for this semester! I spent the 5 previous Mondays on different floors at Intermountain Medical Center and enjoyed each day. I had great nurses, learned a lot, and experienced so many new things! Today I got to spend the day in the O.R. and loved it! Again, I learned a lot and I finally got to do a catheter and actually did 2. I know it doesn't sound like something most people would be excited about, but I was so excited! I had only done it on a dummy and it's not the same! I watched 4 surgeries today: a total knee replacement, a pubic symphysis fusion, a hip replacement revision, and most of a hemi-colectomy. After our group got together to study for our test tomorrow. I think we were all so relieved to have our clinicals behind us that we couldn't concentrate. Or maybe it was a case of the "tired sillies" because we didn't get a lot of studying done. Oh, well, it felt good to just hang out and laugh. I love my group! We have gotten really close this semester and it has made school and our clinicals so much better. Our instructor told us today that we were all doing great and that she was impressed with how we all helped each other out. She advised us to keep it up and we will continue to do great. It was so nice having an instructor who was encouraging and not intimidating. Too bad we aren't' going to be so lucky this next semester. At least we have each other! I love my girls! Now we just have to make it through a test tomorrow and 2 finals next week. Then we get a much needed month long break!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Just a few of the good times the last 14 years!

Galveston, TX

San Francisco, (at a Ween concert)

Our home, one Christmas

Memphis, TN with the Mississippi River in the background

14 Years

Today is our 14th anniversary! WOW!!! I cannot believe it has been that long. Some days it does seem that long, but often it seems like just yesterday or last week that we started our life together. As with any marriage, ours is far from perfect, but with that being said I would not trade it or Mike for anything - at least most the time ;-). We have laughed together, cried together, become parents together, traveled together, struggled together, played together, and worried together. I would not being "surviving" right now without Mike. Our life right now is not exactly what we want or where we pictured ourselves at this point in our life, but we both know it is where we are suppose to be right now. We know that with each other we can make it through anything!