Sunday, January 27, 2008


I am so lucky! This past week was my 33rd birthday (yes I know I am getting old). My friends took me out Friday night for a yummy dinner and a fun movie. I feel so blessed to have these women in my life. We ate and chatted and laughed and ate and laughed and I had the best time! Thank you ladies for the fun night, the neat gifts, and most of all for your friendship. I don't know what I would do without you in my life. THANKS!!!

Saturday Drive

Yesterday was sooooo beautiful outside, warm and sunny and perfect for an afternoon drive. We decided to head up by Morgan and look for bald eagles. This is the time of year you can usually see lots of them as they are migrating through, or so we thought. Maybe we were a week or two early or late. We have done the drive before and seen hundreds, but yesterday we weren't as lucky. We were able to see only a handful of eagles, but lots of deer and wild turkeys. It was a nice drive, we drove through some tiny towns and up around East Canyon. There were plenty of people ice fishing there and snowmobiling out on the frozen water (which I think would make me too nervous). It was good to just be together with our little fam and enjoy the beauty God has blessed us with!

Technology is Awesome!

Yesterday we were able to "see" my neice in Spain! My parents came over and we all chatted with her on the webcam for over an hour. We haven't physically seen her in over 2 years as she now lives in Spain and we really miss her. But how awesome that we can talk and see her this way, and even better it's free! It was so fun to hear her cute little giggle and see her beautiful smiling face. She seems so happy and that makes us all happy!

Noah's View of the Auto Show

Here are a couple of pics Noah took at the auto show. He said these 2 Mustangs were his favorite. They also liked the new Chevy Camaro and a Ferari. Of course dad bought them each (including himself) new little model cars. They are starting to get quite a collection.

Too Long...

Well, once again I have slacked on my blog posting, ooops! Oh, well, life just gets going and I forget to take a few minutes to post. I will try to catch up and try not to wait too long between posts again.
We haven't been up to too much, just school and life in general.
Mike has been able to go snowboarding a few times with friends and on Friday he took Ry for her first time at an actual resort. They just went for a couple hours of night boarding and she loved it and Mike said she did great! So it looks like the next time they will try for a whole day.
We got a good dumping of snow last monday and it looks like we are in for the same tonight/tomorrow! I just hope Mike is home this time to do the shoveling, I was sore after last week. (my own fault for not working on getting in shape)
Last weekend Mike took the boys to the auto show to check out some old classics as well as brand new models coming out. They had a blast, of course! Noah took his digital camera and got some good pics, I will post later. The girls & I hung out at home and played games, we had a blast too!
I think that is about it except for the other stuff which I will post separately. Like I said I will try not to wait too long between posts again.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fun in the Snow

Rylee has been "patiently" waiting (since Christmas) for Mike to take her over to the school and try out her new snowboard. We have been busy or not enough good snow or whatever. After our good storm on Sunday, we knew there were no more excuses, so on Monday we buddled everyone up after school and headed over. The other kids enjoyed sledding while Mike taught Rylee the basics. She seemed to pick it up pretty good and was really enjoying it. Now she wants to know when they can go to a real hill.

Jenna had a blast! One time as she was climbing up the hill trying to drag the tube behind her we heard this "A little help here please!" in a very exasperated voice.
Noah and Moe taking a run! Moe wasn't too sure about the whole thing.
Cole enjoying himself!
Rylee, I think she will be a natural (just like everything she tries).

Back 2 School

Yeah!!!! The kids went back to school last Wed. which was great. I was able to get my house cleaned and have a little time to myself. Today I started school again and I was so excited! I am only taking one class this semester, Human Physiology, and there is also a lab once a week as part of the course. I got the same professor I had for Anatomy which makes me really happy as well. I had my lab first this morning (7 a.m.) and I think it is going to be so much fun, lots of hands on stuff. Then I had class which was just the syllabus intro. but I am so looking forward to Friday and the first real lecture. I know this class is going to be intense but am looking forward to it! Then when it is done I can apply for the actual nursing program, YEAH!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Pics of my brother

Here are a couple of pics of my brother after his surgery. They went in above his eye to repair the fracture and even put in a titanium plate. He is feeling lots better and just taking it easy at home. We are soooooo glad he is ok.

Friday, January 04, 2008

New Floors

So we decided after years of consideration to redo our floors. Of course Mike has always wanted to tile everything, but not me. He decided wood floors would look good too (way better than our old stained yucky carpet). We found a nice laminate wood that we both really liked and he has been installing it (I'm lucky to have a handyman hubby who can do it all). The living room and hallway are done and look amazing! We are going to do the kids rooms as well. We ended up tearing out the fireplace tile (that we have hated sine we bought the house 10 years ago this month) so now that is going to be new as well. Mike already has a tile all picked out that is pretty neat and we are also going to do a new mantel and then new carpet for the stairs and our room, and then.....One thing always leads to another right!

New Everyday Events

These 2 pics are becoming normal occurrences around here since we got Moe! (we decided to stick with Moe for the new puppy) He is a snuggler and I love it! I love seeing him all cuddled up with Jenna and Mike and I love his warm little body laying in my lap with his sweet eyes staring up at me. The other thing he is good at is annoying Truman. He wants to play and play and Truman is like an old man, not enough energy and too annoyed. Moe will bark (the only time he barks actually) and jump and bite at Truman until Truman either joins in for a minute or growls at Moe to just leave him alone.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lucky Brother

I just got home a little bit ago from Provo. I got a call this afternoon from my dad (he & my mom were on there way home from San Diego and in Las Vegas with my sister Sara) that my brother Devin had fallen at work (he is a framer) and was at the hospital and having trouble with his memory. I was worried about him, but also worried about his wife, Karissa. She is a school teacher and I knew she would probably be very freaked out when she found out and I didn't want her to be alone at the hospital so I headed down to Provo. I wasn't sure the extent of his accident or injuries until I arrived. WOW! He is so lucky/blessed! He and a coworker were on plywood on a lift about 20 feet above the ground when the plywood broke. My brother fell forward and hit his head on the lift (steel!) before falling to the ground and landing on his head and back. He was knocked out and they called an ambulance to take him to the hospital. He needed stitches above his left eye and after xrays and cat scans they decided to do surgery as well. He fractured his skull just above his left eye so they will be repairing that. He should recover just fine and be ok. His friend broke one ankle, sprained the other and sprained his back. They are both very lucky that they were not hurt worse. Devon looks like he got in a fight and I only took pics with my cameraphone. I will have to take more later, which is probably better anyway. I am sure after surgery he is going to look even tougher!
The funny aspect of this story is that Devin gets hurt quite often. Usually at very inoppurtune times like sisters' weddings and such. With him it always seems to be a close call to being a lot worse than what he ends up with. My one sister asked him tonight if he was a cat....