Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Rylee finally got her driver's permit. She was so excited and is actually doing really well. They have to have their permit for 6 months and drive 40 hours with an adult before they can get their license. I think it's great because they get a lot of experience which is the best way to learn. I have been impressed with her and with myself for not yelling at her. We haven't braved the freeways or night time driving yet.......

Happy Birthday Griffin!!!

Griffin & Tophe blowing out their candles.
Cole loves playing badminton

 Sunday was Griffin's 24th Birthday. Cannot believe my baby brother is so old, that means I am really old! We all got together at my parents for a BBQ and some fun! One of Griffin's good friends is at school in Hawaii, but his parents and little brother came to celebrate with us. His little brother, Christopher, had his birthday a few days before so we had a cake for him as well. We played a few rounds of The Game of Things and then some badminton.
Roran wanted to play too.

Noah & Cole

Jenna & Uncle Griffin

Griffin & Tom
Griffin & his friend, Spencer
Eliza & Roran

Jenna and Roran

Bounitful Parade

Every year Bountiful has a parade for the 24th of July. It is usually on July 23rd, but this year they had it on July 20th. We were very excited for this parade. Rylee was in the parade with WX Cheer. Cole & Noah were in the parade with the Stripling Warriors. It was AMAZING!!! They had 2000 YW from 14 Stakes in Utah dressing as Stripling Warriors and they had Helaman leading them They were each carrying a wooden staff with a nail in the bottom. About every 4 steps they all hit their staffs on the pavement in unison, wow! They would stop and chant "They did not doubt" every so often as well. They were the last of the parade and it took them about 5 minutes to all walk past, truly an incredible sight and experience. I am so grateful my boys got to be a part of such an awesome event!

We were lucky enough to sit with some families from our ward. Jenna had fun watching with some of her friends.

Not sure what she was watching when I took this picture, but I love how she seems so enthralled watching.

WX Cheer!
My beautiful WX Cheerleader!

The Army of Helaman, they seemed to go on forever!
My Stripling Warriors
They just kept coming and coming!

So touching!

The Zoo with the Fam

Cole trying to cool off a bit.
 We went to the zoo one day with my mom, Karissa, Roran, Griffin, Leah, Eliza, Taylor, McKay, their friend Max, Krista & Rachel, and Brayden. Some of Karissa's friends met us there as well. It was HOT, but fun to be there with most the family.
Karissa and Roran

Cole, Brayden, Rylee, and Noah taking a break.

Roran, Rylee, and Jenna on the carousel.

The orangutangs trying to stay cool.

Our "apes" Griffin & Roran.

Noah, Griffin, Cole, Roran, and Jenna

Jenna & Rylee



Noah, Rylee, & Jenna

Griffin & Roran up close with the Rhino

The blind sea lion, part of the new Rocky Shores exhibit. It is a really cool exhibit with the sea lions, harbor seals, polar bear, grizzly bears, and river otters.

The polar bear kept swimming up to the glass, flipping around, swimming backwards, and then doing it all over again.

Here he is right up at the glass, so cool. He is huge!

Swimming with Roran

Roran & Karissa on the slide. 
 We (my parents, Nate & Leah and their kids, me & my kids) all went to the Roy pool with Karissa and Roran. That kid is a fish! He loves the water. His grandparents in Texas have a pool so they swim all the time.
Jenna & Roran, I love this picture, so cute!

Roran swimming (sorry it's sideways).

Roran getting Jenna & Karissa all wet.

Roran loved his Icee.

Summer A to Z, City Creek

Jenna, Roran, and Noah
 One day we met my mom, Karissa, and Roran at Memory Grove to hike up City Creek and play in the nice cold water. The kids went with my mom and sister, Krista, awhile back and loved it. They were excited to go again and to show it to Roran. Afterward we went to our house and my sister, Leah, and her boys met us there for dinner. Then we took Roran to the neighbors to see the goats, play in the treehouse, and jump on the trampoline.

Jenna, Roran, and Cole


Noah, Roran, and Cole

Roran being his cute self!
Roran playing Noah's drums.

Roran and Noah on the big slide!

Roran jumping on the tramp!

Summer A to Z, Olive Garden

 After playing at the Treehouse Museum we went to lunch at the Olive Garden. My bother, Griffin, is a server there and it is my kids favorite place to eat (and we haven't been forever!) so it was great! Griffin is an awesome server! It was fun to watch him take care of his customers and to see his customers having a great time with him. All his fellow employees came over to meet us and talked about how great he was. I love seeing him happy and doing well.