Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today I took my last regular test of my first semester of nursing school. It has been a long, stressful few months. I have worked 36 hours a week (graveyards), gone to school every Friday all day, tests on Thursdays, tried to keep up on my mom duties (the house and laundry have not been done as often as normal, but have gotten done), have time with Mike, STUDY STUDY STUDY, oh and sleep. And I have survived! Some days were tougher than others and I am glad I have made it this far. I now know that I can make it through anything. Thankfully I have had lots of help, from Mike, his mom, my parents, the kids, good friends, and someone a little higher up. I know I would not have made it without all the help. THANK YOU!!!!!! I have 2 finals next week and then I have a couple weeks off. I am going to enjoy reading a few good novels, working in my yard, cleaning my car, de-cluttering and organizing my house, catching up on some sleep, and just vegging.


Rylee has been bugging me for awhile now about getting her hair cut. She did need a good trim and she wanted some long bangs. Then Mike was complaining about having to comb Jenna's hair in the mornings when I am gone. He said its all snarly and all she does is cry. So today I took the girls to get haircuts. I figured I better get jenna's done before Mike gets real tired of it and gets the clippers out and does it himself. I think they both turned out cute.

First, Jenna

Then, Rylee

Then, both my girls being their normal goofy selves.

First Sleepover..

for Jenna. Ry had promised Jenna and her friend Lucy, that they could have a sleepover. Ry told them she would give them makeovers and they could have a tea party. So Ry's friend, Emily, came over to help. They painted nails, put on make up, modeled lots of dress ups, took pics, watched a movie, and had a tea party. They had so much fun that now that is what Jenna wants to do for her birthday party. So minus the sleepover part and add a few more friends and a few more helpers and Jenna's bday should be very girly and fun!

Here is one of the girls painting nails and doing make up.

Here is a picture right before they went to sleep. I love how tired Jenna looks.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tonight I am a proud mom...

A few weeks ago Rylee came home so excited! She wanted to run for SBO (student body officer) and was all ready to dig right into the packet with all the info. There were lots of requirements: maintain a certain GPA, huge time commitment, etc; all of which Ry was ready to do so we encouraged her to go for it! In order to run she had to complete this packet. She had to write about why she would make a good leader, she had to come up with a theme for the school year, she had to come up with a skit that incorporated her theme, she had to come up with 5 different spirit week themes/activities, design a bulletin board using her theme, and make a poster. There were lots of rules and regulations. She spent hours and did it all herself. Today was "election day" and she had to give a speech. I was unable to attend (darn tests at school) but went straight to the school to see how it went. Well, she said her speech went fine but they had already had the election and the results weren't what she wanted. She was upset, I would be too. I was sad for her, but kept telling her how proud I was of her. She worked hard, followed all the rules, met all the requirements, and did it all basicly by herself. I think she learned a lot and I am so proud of the incredible young women she is becoming.
Later in the afternoon we got home and there was a big homemade envelope that said "We love you Rylee" and it was full of handmade cards and notes from her friends. That is another thing I am so grateful for, her friends. She has chosen to associate with a bunch of girls that are AWESOME!!!!
Way to go Rylee, you are an example to us all and we love you and are very proud of you!!! In our book you are a winner!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Weekend

Mike and the kids got home late Friday night safe and sound.
Saturday we all went to Mike's mom's for the annual
Easter Egg Hunt.
We had lunch and hung out.
Sunday we went to church and then over to my sister's for Easter dinner with my family.
It was a beautiful day outside, like spring should be.
We feel fortunate that we were able to spend time with both families this weekend.

The hunt...

The boys going through their stash hoping to find the special egg. Each year the kids get 2 eggs with their names on them that have money inside. Many other eggs have quarters in them, but then there is always one egg with $10. Jenna was the lucky one this year.

The kids before church

Jenna enjoying the beautiful Easter weather and the new swing at Aunt Krista's house.

Mike showing off for the camera.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

An Update..

I didn't send the camera with Mike but luckily his phone has a camera and he has taken a few pictures and sent them to me. They had good weather the first day there and enjoyed some skateboarding and playing outside, but since then it has been rainy and cool. I don't think the kids mind because they are at Aunt Cheryl's with the cows, the dogs, the cats, etc. Meanwhile, back at home, I have been busy sleeping, studying, and spoiling myself some too. I am looking forward the them coming home.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Different Adventure...

So as I was sleeping this morning Jenna came in and said something about packing. I thought I had misunderstood what she was saying in my half asleep state. Mike decided to take the kids to CA to his sister's for spring break and indeed they were packing. They headed out about 1:30 this afternoon and left me to a nice quiet house. I have work, studying, school, taxes, and relaxing to do the next few days. It should be easy to get it all done with no kiddos to worry about and all the peace and quiet I could ever want. I am looking forward to good sleep today with no disturbances. I know the kids are looking forward to riding the 4 wheeler, playing with the new bull and the dogs and the cats, finding frogs, skating with dad, running, playing, and being free. I hope they all have a great time and come home soon.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The First Adventure...

of Spring Break and the first adventure to the pond this year.
The kids have the week off school for spring break and they are not too happy that we are staying home. They really wanted to go out of town, but right now it's not really possible. I have work and school among other things. So I told them we could do fun things close to home. Today after I woke up and after we watched Conference we headed to the pond to feed the ducks. It was a beautiful day! I am sure we will be visiting the pond regularly this spring and summer. I am sure there will be lots of fishing, feeding the ducks, and hopefully bike riding at the pond.

Mike looking for some neat birds, didn't really find any today. Look how beautiful it was!!! Blue skies and not cold...come on spring...we are soooooo ready for you to really arrive!

Jenna, after feeding the ducks and before getting frustrated that she couldn't find any cool birds.

The kiddos feeding the ducks. I think they used a whole loaf of bread.