Friday, May 30, 2008

Nigel Plymouth (aka Cole)

Cole's class has been working very hard a little class play called The Mystery of the Ghost of Plymouth Castle. Yesterday Jenna & I were lucky enough to go see all the hard work pay off. They had their entire classroom rearranged with a whole stage set up and chairs for the audience. They had costumes and a fun set and sound effects and lighting effects and it was so much fun. All the kids had memorized their lines and were so cute.

Cole as Nigel Plymouth.
Cole with 2 of his friends. Aren't they so cute?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Study or Sleep?

This summer I am taking an online class (my last prereq for nursing) and it is turning out to be a little more stressful and structured than my last online class. This time there are strict deadlines to follow versus a go at your own pace class. Lastnight I worked a grave shift and was only able to get 2 hours of sleep today, so I am going on 38 hours with only 2 hours of sleep. The question is do I get caught up on studying or sleep?

Preschool Graduation

Today was Jenna's preschool graduation, I cannot believe it. My baby is five and done with preschool. She loved her teacher and all her friends at preschool and I know she will miss them (most of them she will still see) and all the fun activities she enjoyed at school. Until recently she was not excited about going to kindergarten but now cannot wait. She keeps asking when she gets to go. This may make for a long summer. Today I also took her to her 5 year well child check (yes that included getting 4 shots). The Dr. said she is growing and strong and already for kindergarten. There was only one concern, a heart murmur. He never noticed it before and he wants her to see a pediatric cardiologist for further tests. He didn't seem too concerned and I am hoping that means there is a good chance it won't be too much to worry about. I scheduled her appointment as soon as we got home and now have to wait a month to find out. In the meantime I will be doing some research on heart murmurs so that I am informed and prepared for whatever they say.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Family Reunion, Day 3

Sunday afternoon we all (78 of us) headed to Pine Valley, about 40 minutes northwest of St.George, to see where some of our ancestors helped settle. We went to the cemetery first to see where many of our ancestors are buried and to hear stories about there lives that were filled with sacrifice after sacrifice. My mom, my cousins 5 boys, my grandma, and others shared stories. My mom had my Grandma and Grandpa stand about 30 feet from each other and asked us how we could connect them without moving them. We all made a huge circle and then my sister's kids sang Come Come Ye Saints. It was a very powerful experience, one I will never forget, and I hope my kids will remember it as well. We headed to the church next to have a tour and hear some more history of the area and our family. My mom said she had no pictures of Harrison Burgess and was so excited to see one hanging in the church, as well as one of one of his wives, Sophia. More family members shared stories about these great people and my cousin who spent a year in Iraq shared some stories with us about that. My family is awesome! There are 93 total (if I figured right) from my Grandparents, there kids and spouses, and grand kids and great grand kids. 78 of us were there and felt of the great spirit of each other and our family members gone before. We are very blessed to have freedom and religion and the necessities of life. Thanks Mom for planning this incredible reunion, especially this day. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for being examples of love and unselfishness. Thanks to all my aunts, uncles, and cousins for your love and kindness. What a family we are!

Family Reunion, Day 2, part 2

On Saturday night we were lucky enough to get the brand new Washingotn City Rec Center to ourselves. (my cousin works for the rec center in Lehi and had some connections) We BBQ'd and then swam in the fun pool for a couple hours. Everyone had a great time! There was s big slide that even my 78 year old grandpa went on. We couldn't convince Grandma to go though. Jenna and Mara (my neice that lives in Vegas) were very excited to see that they had the exact same swimming suit. They looked like 2 peas in a pod and were inseperable. My cousin's little girl Maleia loves the water and it was so fun to watch the pure joy on her cute little face when she would stick it in the spray. My sister, Leah, tried to push me in (I was dressed and had my camera and cell phone in my pocket) and it turned out bad for her. She was the one who ended up all wet and I stayed dry. It was a fun night!

Family Reunion, Day 2

On Saturday some of the guys went golfing (even Mike, who has never really golfed before) so the rest of us went to a family fun center. The kids rode on the kiddie cars (none of them were tall enough to drive the go karts) which went about 1 mile an hour, if that. They liked the bumper boats a lot better. Not only were they faster, they could squirt each other too. They played miniature golf, arcade games, and on the big jungle gym. They each got a turn to ride on the go karts with one of the adults. It was fun to just hang out with all my cousins and their kids and let the kids play with each other and have a blast!

Family Reunion, Day 1

So we left Thursday evening for St.George and my family reunion. Friday we met up with a bunch of my cousins to do some hiking at Zion's National Park. We were all glad that the weather for the weekend was suppose to be cooler than normal but the rain started just as we were meeting up. It rained pretty hard for awhile but we decided not to let a little rain ruin our day. We got on the shuttle and headed up and by the time we got to our first hiking destination it had stopped and it was perfect! weather. Sunny and not too hot for hiking. We hiked first to Weeping Rock, which is named for the water that is constantly dripping from the huge rocks above. I don't even know how to explain how beautiful it was and pictures can't do it justice. INCREDIBLE!!! We got back on the shuttle and did another hike that followed the Virgin River. We hiked about a mile back right to the beginning of the Narrows (which was actually closed because the water was still so high). The kids all enjoyed throwing rocks in the river and scaring the parents as they would get too close to the freezing, fast running water. It was a beautiful day and amazing to see this magnificent place that nature and God have created. We will definitely be going back to Zion's and I would suggest to anyone who has not been to go.


Friday was Jenna's 5th Birthday! She has been very upset because we were heading out of town for her big day. We kept telling her that she was lucky to go on vacation for her bday and that all her cousins and grandparents would be there; didn't help. She would start crying at random times over the last couple weeks and when I would ask her why she would say something about having to leave on her bday. I told her we would have a big party later after we were back in town; didn't help much either. Well, we decided last minute to leave Thursday night so we let her open all her presents and then when we told her she had to leave most of them here while we left....I was waiting for another whiny episode, but she was awesome! I think she was finally excited to go on a trip. We spent her actual bday in Zion's National Park, an incredible place to spend your bday if you ask me. Then we took her to one of her favorite places to eat, Wingers. Then on Saturday we got a bday cake from Costco for the whole family to enjoy. I'd say she was pretty lucky and overall had a great birthday!

We made cupcakes and decorated them with m&m flowers for her preschool class on Thursday.
Here she is all decked out in her bday presents. She had been asking for a Hannah Montana wig, so I got her that, a cute Hannah Montana dress up and the fun Hannah Montana guitar (it plays 3 songs and has a mic you can sing along with). Mike says I shouldn't encourage her Hannah Montana "worship" so much, but, well, I couldn't resist when I saw the outfit and guitar and Jenna LOVES!!!!!! them.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy Hair Day, Finally!

At the end of each school year they have spirit week at the kids school and one day of that week is always crazy hair day. Well, Cole has been growing his hair for almost a year just so he could have a cool mohawk for crazy hair day this year. I few weeks back Mike gave him a good trim since he could barely see anymore with all his hair. Then on Sunday after church Mike gave him a mohawk. Today was actual crazy hair day so I got some bright red hair glue and Mike spiked it all up for him. He was so excited!

Ry with a few red spikes!

Noah borrowed this cool hat with hair sewn in from a friend for his crazy hair since he doesn't have much right now.

Cole's Mohawk!

Mike actually had to cut it even more today just to get it to stay standing up.

Truman Turned 10

Thursday was Truman's 10th Birthday (and my mom's) and Jenna was sooooo excited! She insisted we make him a cake. When I asked her what kind we should make she said anything but chocolate because that will make him sick. We decorated part of it with dog bones for Truman and Moe, of course Truman got a bigger piece because it was his bday, again at jenna's insistence. I can't believe we have had him for 10 years. Rylee was 18 months old when Mike came home one day with the cutest little black lab puppy. He has been a great, loving dog and the kids all adore him. I don't know what we are going to do when his time comes.....

Jenna making the cake.

Jenna so excited to give Truman his piece.

Jenna with Truman and Moe, can you tell she is in heaven when she plays with them.


Friday night was nice and strange. Mike and the boys went on a Father Sons campout so they were gone. Rylee had a sleepover with her best friend and Jenna slept over at my mom and dad's (THANKS mom & dad) so I had the whole house to myself. I don't think I have ever had the house to myself for and entire night, it was strange and peaceful. Before Ry left for her sleep over we went to dinner and shopping just the 2 of us, that was fun. With her busy gym schedule and my busy life it has been awhile since the 2 of us just got to hang out and I realized how much I miss it. When we got home this beautiful bird was in our bird bath but I could get a pic quick enough. This shot of him in the tree is all I got, he's right in the middle, can you see him? I have no idea what kind of bird he is but he was so cool. Orangish red head with a bright orange belly and even under his wings was bright yellow. If anyone know what he is let me know. Anyway, the only bummer to my night alone was having to get up early and be to work by 7 am.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The last couple days Jenna and I have been watching all the birds starting to enjoy our bird bath again (yeah spring!). Today were watching a big robin splash around when I remembered something. One of my dear friends gave me a neat bird feeder for Christmas and it was still inside, why? Probably because I was waiting for spring and it seems to have taken its own sweet time coming this year. Anyway, so I told Jenna about it and she was sooooooo excited. So we got the bird feeder, hung it in a tree, filled it with bird seed, and then it was time to watch and wait.....

Here is Jenna all excited to put the seeds in.

Here is Jenna putting the seeds in. (Try holding a 35 pound child, a bag of bird seed, and take picture all at the same time, turned out ok considering).

Here is Jenna showing what she accomplished.

Although we got distracted talking with a neighbor and didn't see any birds enjoying the seeds, I am sure some did and we will be watching in the days ahead.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

More Gymnastics

Taking advantage of Jenna wanting to cuddle, very rarely does she just want to sit an cuddle.
As soon as we got to the gymnatistics meet Jenna saw they had cotton candy and was so excited! Saying she enjoyed it is an understatement. I should have taken a picture when she was done, she was so sticky and pink.
Rylee doing her floor exercise.

Ry had another gymanstic meet yesterday and luckily it was a lot better than last week. She came home Thursday night very frustrated and dreading Saturday. Mike & I gave her a little pep talk but I think she spent a couple of days with a tummy full of butterflies. Anyway, she went out and gave it her all and was awesome!!! She got her highest score on the beam so far (her least favorite event) and placed 3rd! She had a ton of family support, which probably helped. My parents, Mike's parents, my sister Krista and her friend Rachel, my brother Griffin, and of course us were all there cheering her on. Way to go Ry!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Parents Support

Yesterday as we were getting ready for the day and trying to figure out who had to be where and when I got upset with Mike. He wasn't thrilled about Ry's competition being right in the middle of a beautiful Saturday afternoon. They last a few hours and Ry only competes a total of about 10 minutes so it makes for a lot of sitting around. The other kids were very restless at the last meet and didn't really want to go and blah blah blah....
As I was thinking about it later I realized why it made me so upset. When I was growing up and involved in sports my parents were always there! There are 7 kids in my family and we all played one sport or another and my parents were always there for each of us. I remember in Jr High (we lived in ID and traveled a couple hours for some of our games) riding the bus to our games, pulling up to the different schools, and seeing my parents car in the parking lot. It was a comfort having them their cheering me on. I remember them driving to Rangley, CO (I believe it's about a 5 hour drive each way) to watch my brother, Brandon, play Jr College basketball. I remember going as a family to Steamboat Springs, CO for my little sister, Krista's, soccer tournament. I could go on and on. I always appreciated them being there for me, the support and encouragement were incredible. Now as a parent of an athlete myself I realize why they were there. They loved me and enjoyed watching me and being there for me. I know it was not always convenient and probably got a little old sometimes, but they were there regardless. They were even there yesterday supporting Ry in gymnastics and they have been to many soccer, football, basketball, and baseball games of their other grandkids. I am so grateful to my mom and dad for making us and our kids their priority in life. THANKS MOM AND DAD!!! I know it's not enough and long overdue, but again THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I think that is why I was so upset because I want Rylee to know how much we love her and support her even though we are busy and could be a million other places on a Saturday afternoon.

You Win Some You Lose Some

Rylee had her second gymnastics meet yesterday and did not do as well as she did at her first. She seemed to struggle a little with each event. She still did great and kept going! I saw a few girls crying and so upset but not Ry. Even on the bars where she tripped a little just getting on she kept going and finisher her routine. The judging seemed a little more ridgid as well (I am not just saying that as an upset parent, many others were commenting on it, all the girls seemed to have low scores even for good solid routines). Ry was a trooper and now she is going to work hard this week and put forth her best effort for the next competition in a week. Way to go Ry, I am very proud of you!

Only The Beginning.....

Jenna has been begging for a couple weeks now to have a sleepover with her best friend Lucy. We keep telling them they are a little young. Jenna's reasoning is Rylee gets to, well Rylee is 11 we remind her. Then she cries and whines (her 2 favorite things to do lately). We told her she could have a latenight hoping that would satisfy her for now (I think it worked). So Friday night Lucy came over and they ate dinner and got in their jammies and watched movies and played dress ups and ate treats and laughed and giggled and had a blast! They are soooooo cute!

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Frontrunner

The Frontrunner is the brand new commuter train that runs from Ogden to SLC. They were offering free rides for a few days so we took the kids to check it out. It's a double decker train that can go up to 79 mph. It was very crowded, we couldn't get seats, so we stood the whole time. It was still fun!

Only in Utah again.....

It almost feels like dejavu...the weather we have been having that is. We had a couple warm sunny beautiful days and then yesterday, May 1st, it snowed again. So crazy. Luckily today is nice and it is suppose to continue to warm up. Hopefully this time it lasts!