Sunday, September 30, 2012


 Rylee wanted to do something fun on Saturday with the other Sophmore Cheerleaders that were not going to the Homecoming Dance. They decided to go to the ColorFest at the fairgrounds. I was lucky enough to take them and be their photographer. They had so much fun throwing colored chalk all over each other, tumbling, stunting, and being their crazy selves. I am so glad Rylee has these amazing girls in her life and that they all get along with no drama.


The boys.
 The homecoming game was Friday night. It was fun, but sad. WX lost 14-0. The cheerleaders performed at half time and did amazing!!! The whole atmosphere at the games is so much fun: always lots of people there, the playing of the national anthem always touches me, watching Rylee cheering on her school and perform, visiting with other parents and WX fans, etc. Of course it's funner when they win, but still a good time no matter the outcome of the game. Go Cats!!!
The girls!

Ry loves that they do more challenging stunts in high school .
They hit all their stunts on Friday, they were amazing!


The Jackhammers
 This week has been Homecoming week at Woods Cross High School. They had some fun activities all week long. Rylee was able to play in the powderpuff football game on Thursday night and we were lucky enough to go as a family and watch. They had 4 teams (2 all senior teams and 2 teams made up of sophmores and juniors). They seniors dominated,  but all the girls had a blast! Some of the guys were the Jackhammers (cheerleaders) and they were hilarious! They cheered, danced, and did push ups when the teams scored.

Rylee trash talking the other team.

 After the games they had a pep rally. The marching band played, the football captains said a few words, everyone sang the fight song and the cats chant, they light a big WX on fire, and had a cool fireworks show.
Anna & Rylee

Sunday Drive

 Rylee needs lots of driving time so we decided to go for a family drive a couple Sundays ago. We headed up north to Snowbasin. The drive was beautiful! And Rylee did great.

Babies, Babies, and More Babies

Jenna with June (9 months old)
 Mike has 4 nieces who are married. The 2 who already have babies live in California so it is always fun when they come for a visit. The other 2 who are married live here and are both pregnant. A couple weeks ago we had 2 baby showers within a week of each other. So the babies were visiting from California and it was so fun to spend time with them and their moms.
Jenna with Charley (6 months old)

 Jenna was in heaven! She has been asking for a baby sister for years now and she LOVES babies!
Cole, Maggie (2 1/2 yrs old), and Noah

Rylee with Maggie
 The boys weren't too happy about going to a baby shower. But they ended up playing Wii with Maggie most the time and had fun. They had Maggie giggling, so cute!
Melanie, Jenna, and Grandma Carol.

Melissa and Alicia's baby bumps.

Mike's parents have 8 granddaughters and 2 grandsons (my boys). The oldest niece, Jacque, has 2 girls and Ashley has 1 girl. Melissa is due in October with a girl and Alicia is due in December with a BOY!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Go Raiders

One crazy fan!
 I have never been to an NFL game and was really excited. I was a little nervous as well. Raiders fans have a reputation and someone even got shot a couple weeks ago in the parking lot after a preseason game. This was Monday Night Football and they were playing the Chargers (huge in state rivalry). We made sure we had our Raiders gear and rode BART to the coliseum. We found our seats and they were awesome! We were right near the end zone. Even though the Raiders didn't play too great and lost, it was so much fun to be there! The whole atmosphere and everything going on was amazing! I am hoping we can make it a yearly event! hot dog.

Ice Cube was the pregame entertainment.

Gene Simmons (from Kiss) sang the national anthem.

Some men from the air force rolled out this
amazing flag. Amazing!

Jets flew over.

They lit this caldron in honor of Al Davis,
former coach and GM who died last year.

So cool to be so close to the action!

This fan would hold up this sign and
everyone would count to 3 and yell first down
each time the Raiders got a first down.


The Raiderettes. We sat by one of the cheerleaders moms
and learned a lot, it was fun.

Mike and I in our Raiders Gear enjoying
the game. You can see how awesome our
seats were. 

These drummers were so cool. They
came out and played a few times.

This is the crowd in the BART station after the game.
It was crazy, but so much better than trying to park
and to pay $35 to park at the coliseum.

San Francisco

Yum...I love clam chowder in a sourdough breadbowl.
 Mike & I were lucky enough to get away for a few days. Last year Mike turned 40 and did not want any party or anything for the big day, so it was really low key. I have felt bad about it and decided to do something really fun for his birthday this year. I got us tickets to the Oakland Raiders home opener against the San Diego Chargers. We flew to Oakland on Sunday and visited with some friends from Livermore. Then on Monday we headed to San Francisco to visit Pier 39 and the Golden Gate Bridge before heading to the big game. We ate yummy seafood at the Pier Market on Pier 39. We visited the spot where we were engaged, saw the sea lions, and did some shopping.
This huge ship was docked there.
You could barely see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
This picture shows what I always think of
when I think of Pier 39. Boats, sea lions, and
Alcatraz in the background.

 Then we headed over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so foggy, you could hardly see anything at first. Then all of a sudden it was clear and beautiful.
A bit clearer.

Clear and beautiful!

This is a shot from the other side of the bridge.
There were clouds that kept coming by real fast,
it was so neat to watch.