Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6 Days

without my boys........
Cole and Noah left early yesterday morning to their first Boy Scout Camp and they were SO excited! I am a little anxious about the whole thing...I know they will be fine and have a great time. I just worry because it is their first time away from home that long and Cole has been bullied a bit at school this last year, they are picker eaters and I don't want them to be hungry...so you know, a mom's job is to protect her children, but when they are away I can't.
Anyway, our house is quiet: less fighting, no guitars being played, no wisecracks, etc. It's just kind of weird.......

Sunday, June 05, 2011

My First...

Little Red Riding Hood bike ride. I road 50 miles, yes 50, yesterday in the Little Red, which is an all women bike ride north of Logan that has been happening each year for 24 years. It was my first real bike ride and it was awesome!!! It was HARD, but I finished even after popping a tube (twice) and crashing. I really struggled the last 15 miles and did not think I was going to make it. When I got to the end and saw the finish line I cried. It was really one of the hardest things I have ever done. Even though it was hard, it was also fun and a beautiful day. I don't think I LOVE biking like some of my friends, but it is something I will continue to do. I am hoping that I can get in better shape and get a bit faster before October. I plan on doing another ride then in Vegas.

6th Grade Graduation

I really cannot get over the fact that my boys will be in Jr High next year, CRAZY! They had their graduation on Thursday and it was fun! They got their certificates and then performed some dances they had been learning for us. Then we got to dance with them, my boys were reluctant to dance with me, thanks guys. It was a nice celebration!

Noah, with his teacher, Mrs. Fulkerson

Cole with Mrs. Williams

Noah dancing, doesn't he look SO excited?!?!?!

Cole dancing. He looks pretty good!!!

The boys with their group of friends...a good group of boys. And yes, the tall one is their age.

Bruno Mars Concert

was AWESOME!!! I had gotten tickets months ago with some friends from work. Some of the girls ended up not coming so Rylee and Anna came with us. Then I could not get in touch with the other girl all day! We were eating dinner in Provo before the concert when Jackie (Rylee's other friend) walked in with her family...what are the odds? Since we still could not get in touch with the other girl and we didn't want the ticket to go to waste, Jackie joined us. The three of them had a blast! I thought it was a great show. I hope my friend, Brittany, that was with us will still have children after spending the night with Ry and her 2 crazy friends!

I don't have pictures from the concert (will try to add later when I get some from Jackie), but here are the girls at Yogurtland before.

Rylee's Choir Concert

It was fun to watch and listen to the SDJH choirs sing. Rylee joined choir the second half of the year and really enjoyed it.

Here she is singing (I know what else would she be doing at a choir concert),
she is on the bottom row, far left.

Here she is dancing (yes it is a choir concert). Her and her 3 best friends choreographed a little dance for one of the songs they were singing. It was really cute!

Here she is with Megan, Anna, and Jackie, her 3 besties. I love these girls! So glad Ry has good friends and I hope they continue to help and support each other.

Jenna's 8th Birthday, Part 2

On Jenna's actual birthday we checked her out of school to go to lunch. It was suppose to be her choice, but she kept suggesting McDonalds or Arctic Circle. Mike and I tried to convince her otherwise. She said all she wanted was onion rings and a shake, so we took her to Salt City Burger. She had a hamburger, fries, onion rings, and a chocolate shake and LOVED it. She has since suggested we go there about a dozen times. That night we had family over for dessert. We had brownies, left over cake, cookies, and ice cream, yum! I still can't believe she is 8! Thanks to all who were able to help us celebrate.

Jenna & I at Salt City Burger! I love their sweet potato fries!

Mike & Jenna! She loves to make funny faces for pictures!

Enjoying dessert with her siblings and cousins.

Jenna and her very own set of scriptures (thanks Grandma Carol), she loves them!

Jenna with her American Girl doll that looks more like her in real life than
this creepy doll picture.