Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I know this is not the best picture but it has all 4 of us so I wanted to post it. This last Saturday my dad, mybrother Griffin, my sister Leah, and I participated in the NAMI Walk. NAMI is an association that helps those suffering from mental illness. This is the first time we have done the walk and we decided that next year we will get the whole family involved. It was a fun! and it's a great cause!

Noah's First Fish

Mike has taken the kids fishing a lot this summer at the Bountiful pond. Cole caught his first fish a while ago and Noah would be so disappointed everytime Cole caught a fish and he still had not caught his first fish. Well, last week he finally!!! got his first fish, way to go Noah!!!

San Diego

Mike and I were able to go to San Diego recently for a wedding. One of Mike's old roommates was getting married there and since a lot of our family is down there we couldn't miss it. We were able to go to lunch with Mike's sister Shellie (thanks for yummy BBQ Shellie!!!), walk on the beach, visit old town, enjoy a fun wedding and reception, visit with friends and family. I think the best part of the weekend was being able to spend hours just visiting with my grandma and grandpa without the distraction of kids or anything else. Thanks mom & dad and Bob & Carol for taking such good care of the kiddos while we were gone.

Mike at the beach, I thought it was a pretty cool pic.

Mike with Ron, Zaac, and Jason (the groom).


Mike was able to take a skate trip to Oregon recently. He met up there with 2 old skate buddies and spent a few days of skating, skating, and skating. He had a great time even though he was sooooo sore when he got home.

Mike skating in Newberg, OR

The park in Lincoln City, OR

Skaters at the Beach


I have been feeling sooooo behind lately in most aspects of my life. One is keeping up on my blog...I am trying to be better. I will post a couple catch up posts, but we really have just been busy with everyday life, nothing too exciting.

Monday, September 01, 2008

A change in the weather...

Like I said it was 90+ degrees and sunny on Saturday. But as usual you never know what you might get living in Utah and Sunday evening we got a big storm. I left for work at 4 pm and it was windy and cooling down, then within an hour it was REALLY windy and started raining, Hard! I don't know how long it rained but I could smell it everytime someone came and left the ER, ahhhhh. I love the smell of rain and it got real dark and cool. I put on a light sweatshirt at work and was eating soup and loving the feeling of coziness and fall. I hope we have a long fall this year. I hate when it goes from 90 degrees to 30 and not many days of the in between.

A Fun Day with the whole Fam Damily...

At Raging Waters! My parents wanted to do something fun with the whole fam to celebrate the end of summer so they reserved a pavilion at Raging Water. It was a BLAST!!! We have not been for years, so long in fact that none of the kids remember going even though the older 3 have been. They all had a lot of fun. We went down the slides, played in the lazy river, hung out, and ate. Is there a better way to end summer? Luckily for us the weather was near perfect, 90+ degrees and sunny just a little breeze that we could have done without.

Here is Jenna on the slide all by herself. She was so brave and had no problem going by herself on the slides. I think her favorite was the rope swing.

Cole on the rope swing, they all really enjoyed swinging out over the water and dropping in to the freezing (a little exaggeration, but it was REALLY cold) water. Notice there is no pic of me on the rope swing. That's because I tried to do it and almost killed myself. Mike was laughing at me more than I have seen him laugh in a while. RUDE! No, I am sure it was pretty funny to watch.

My dad on the H20 Roller Coaster. He enjoys doing crazy things.

When we first got there my dad told us he had brought Brandon with them today. At first I thought he meant they brought his ashes along for the day but he was really referring to the swimsuit he was wearing, it was B's. It was a great day! THANKS MOM & DAD!!!