Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Babies

It was so fun having the babies around. Devin's son Roran, is 10 months old and Sara's daughter, Audrey, is 9 months. They are both really good babies and so stinking cute! I don't know who had more fun with them Mike or the kids, but now Mike is convinced we need another one....

Here is Noah with Audrey:

Mike playing with Roran:

Sara getting Audrey to smile for me, once she started smiling she didn't stop. It just took her a bit to get use to all of us crazy Deloziers:

Here is my sister Krista, holding Roran. That kid would smile as soon as he saw the camera. He has a pretty funny laugh too.

Fun Filled Family Time

All week long we have been busy having fun with my family. My niece, Kaienta, who we have not seen in almost 5 years came for a visit. Since she was coming everyone else came to visit too: Sara and her kids from Vegas; Devin and his wife, Karissa, and their son Roran; and my sister Krista came down from Logan a couple days as well. The only one missing was my little brother, Griffin, who is living in San Diego and just started a new job so he was unable to get away. We have spent time just hanging out at mom and dad's (eating lots of yummy food), a day hiking and fishing at Silver Lake, a day at Cherry Hill, an evening filled with a parade and fireworks, a picnic, and just enjoying each others company and getting reacquainted with Kaienta. I have tons of pictures but we will start with these:

This first one is of my parents with all 12 of their grandkids together for the first time ever!

This one is of my cute family with Kaienta. She is so grown up and so cute. She reminds me so much of her mom and so much of my brother. It has been great to spend time with her, but a little bittersweet. It has made me miss Brandon even more and I keep thinking he should be here with her and all of us. I know there were others plans for him and his family that none of us can really comprehend now, and I know someday I will see him again, but really wishing he was still here with us, especially this week.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We are so excited for this week! My niece, Kaienta, is coming for a visit. She is my brother's daughter who moved to Spain shortly after he passed away and we have not seen her since. It has been almost 5 years and she is now 9 years old! My sister, Sara, is coming from Vegas with her kids and my brother, Devin, is coming from Texas with his cute little family. It will be the first time ever that all 12 of my parents grandkids will be together! I took the week off from work so that we can all spend as much time together as possible. I am looking forward to some fun, crazy family time! And I am sure I will be posting lots of pictures!

Cheer Uniforms

I know most of my posts lately have been about Rylee and Cheerleading and I apologize now for the many more to come over the next 9 months or so. Anyway, Saturday they got their uniforms. The girls did not know what they looked like and were so excited to see them. We met at one of the girls' homes and blindfolded all the girls. Then the moms each dressed their girl in their uniform, the girls all got in a circle, and finally got to take their blindfolds off and see their cute uniforms.

Here they are waiting patiently:

Here is Ry in her uniform, they are really cute!

Here they are after taking off their blindfolds and admiring each other. This was their "crazy" pose. They are such a great, fun, cute group of girls!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Cheer Camp

Ry LOVED cheer camp this week! They practiced and performed outside at Fort Douglas and stayed in the dorms there. She learned a lot, set some goals, formed closer bonds with her fellow cheerleaders, cheered her heart out, flirted with some boys, and lost her voice. She told me on the way home that she wished it lasted a month, a few days was too short.

I know I am a bit biased, but isn't she so gorgeous!

Performing their cheer!

I think this was during their cheer as well. This is her stunt group. Rylee is small but there are enough girls smaller than her on her team that she is not a flyer. I feel a little better knowing she is not being held up and thrown around. I don't know that being a base is much safer, she has been kicked a few times already in the head and face.

Here is one of their entire team with their 2 coaches and their trophies and ribbons. They were the only Jr High team to compete in the Elite division so they took 1st in everything for Elite Jr High. They scored as high as some of the high school teams each day so they felt great about what they were able to accomplish! It was so fun to watch them perform, they really make a great team! They work together and there is no drama!
I am so glad Rylee is enjoying it so much!

Scout Camp

The boys went up to Camp Tracy 3 days this week and enjoyed every minute of it! They loved canoeing, archery, shooting rifles, climbing the rock wall, and swimming. Mike was able to go with them one of the days and took a few pictures.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Wonderful Day!

I took today off work because Rylee had her first day of cheer camp and we knew she would be performing this evening we just didn't know what time for sure so I figured I'd take my whole shift off. It ended up being a wonderful day!

First I got the boys off to scout camp for the day:

Then I went home, picked up Ry, and took her to cheer camp, where she will be until Thursday. She was so excited! And had so much stuff. I hope she is having the time of her life! Isn't she cute!

Tonight they performed the dance they have been working on for a couple months now and we were able to go watch. It was outside and beautiful weather! It was so fun to see her and her team do an awesome job on something they have been working so hard on! Mike took a couple pictures during the dance but they didn't turn out great so here is one after when they are working on some cheers. She is the one in the middle in the back. My parents were able to come watch tonight and I know it meant a lot to Ry, thanks mom and dad!!! For you support and the yummy picnic. We had a picnic with my parents and my sister, Leah, and her kids before heading to watch Ry. I forgot to take pictures of the kids hanging out. It was fun to see them and I am glad the kids got a chance to hang out with their cousins for a bit.

So after dropping Ry off this morning, Jenna came with me to my study group. She was so good while we looked over EKG's for a couple hours. I bought her ice cream after (for lunch) and we sat outside at the hospital to eat it. It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside! I should have taken a picture of the view from the hospital, the mountains looked so green and the sky was so blue with no clouds. I told Mike it made me want to go hiking soon!

So, all in all a wonderful day. The kids off doing fun stuff, time with Jenna, studying done, time with my parents and sister and nieces and nephews, hearing about the boys adventures at camp, watching Ry do something she loves, and the beautiful weather! I am feeling very grateful tonight. Now off to study more EKGs.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Some time with my boys...

I know I keep talking about how limited my time is with work and school and life, but the last week or so I have felt like I have had a little more time for the important things in life: time with my kiddos (swimming, the drive in) time for myself (biking), time with friends (swimming, chatting, dinner, New Moon party, Eclipse), and time with Mike (dinner, lunch, drive in with the kiddos). The other day I was able to go on a tour of the state capital with the boys and their Scout group. I had never been inside the capital and it was amazing. It is a beautiful building! I enjoyed hanging with my boys and we even picked up Mike and had lunch later, a fun morning!

Here they are in one of the legislature rooms.

We had to take a picture of some of the little tiles. They were excited when the tour guide asked if anyone knew someone who was a tile mason. They both raised their hands and she told them how each of these tiles had to be laid piece by piece instead of on sheets like they do it today. They figured there had to be over a billion pieces of tile in the entire building and were trying to figure out how long it took to lay them all.

This really is an amazing building. Lots of natural light and beautiful murals painted everywhere.