Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Lastnight I went to see 311 play live at the Depot and loved it! I have never seen them live and they were a lot of fun. Some have asked me what kind of music they play and the best description I can think of is funky rock. When I got there I was feeling a little out of place, old and frumpy. I kept wondering what all the "young" kids there were thinking of this 30 something mom: Why is she here? She looks out of place? Etc? Anyway, by the time the music started I decided to forget all them and enjoy the music and the mood. I sang, and danced (ok, it was probably more like moving), and even did a little head banging.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday B!!!

Today, February 23, 2008, would be my brother Brandon's 35th birthday.
I miss him a lot and think of him often, but memories of him have been on my mind even more the last few days. When I think of B I think of Break Dancing. When he was in Jr. High he and his friends use to love break dancing. They would all come over to our house and be outside in front breaking for hours. They had some sweet moves, especially B. They also liked watching the movies like Breakin' and we all enjoyed watching with them. I remember thinking I was sooooo lucky to have the coolest big brother around. When I think of B I also think of Basketball. He loved basketball and played throughout jr high and high school as well as for a jr college. He loved Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. When the Bulls and the Jazz were in the playoffs in '98 (i think) we (my whole family) were going to be spending the week together at a beach house in North Carolina. Mike & I were the first to arrive so we decorated the whole beach house with "Go Jazz" signs (we aren't even really Jazz fans). It was fun to see B's face when he got there and even funner to watch the games all together, 1/2 cheering on the Bulls the other 1/2 cheering on the Jazz. When I think of B I also think of Bob Marley. B loved Bob Marley and reggae. He could move too, which for a Delozier is pretty amazing!
We love and miss you B! Happy Birthday!
Mike & I with Brandon & Ann at his Law School Graduation,
a few months before we found out he was sick.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Day

Today was an overall ok day.
I took Jenna to the pediatric urologist which was a lot better than I thought it might be. She thinks Jenna is suffering from Extraordinary Urinary Frequency. It's basically something that happens to previously potty trained children for no apparent reason. One possible cause they think is stress, but I can't figure any stressful life changes in her life right now. It has a definite start and stop. It can last from a few weeks to 18 months. They have found that medicine does not help, the best medicine seems to be distraction. So we are trying this for a few days and if we don't notice any real change then we will get an ultrasound. The Dr. sent me home with copies of a couple recent studies that have been done on this condition and I think Jenna really fits the profile. She has no pain, no fever, no UTI, no rash, no noticable physical syptoms beside the urge to urinate. Tonight she only got up 2 times to use the bathroom before she went to sleep and she actually went both times. I hope this is the problem and that we can get her back into her old habits soon (I really hope it does not take 18 months). I am feeling good about it, much better than I was feeling before the appointment. I was trying to prepare myself for the worst, so this is definitely made me more relaxed and hopeful.
We got home from her appointment and went to pick up a prescription for Mike who we think has strep. We also got yummy sandwiches and soup and cookies from Cutler's.
Then we went to get my tires rotated and my oil changed. Have you been to the new Firehouse Carwash at the Jiffy Lube? They have a fun little interactive kids play area, complete with controls that allow them to spray brightly colored soap on the cars as they go through the carwash. Jenna loved it! (I had fun too).
Then I got some studying in while helping the boys with their homework and spelling words for Jenna to write. That is her new favorite activity: she asks me to tell her how to spell something (ie. I like school, I like the Jonas brothers, her teacher's name), and then writes it down. She calls it her homework.
Tonight the boys and I went to their cub scout Blue & Gold Banquet. Their favorite part was seeing the pinewood derby cars one leader has made throughout the years and getting their own pinewood derby kits. They have big plans for their cars. It will be fun for them to design, build, and paint their cars with dad. They are soooo excited for Mar.15. I am just glad they are enjoying cub scouts (thanks to their awesome leaders!).
Mike just left to see an old friend who is visiting from CA, I just made popcorn, and I am going to watch my recorded episode of LOST!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On a Lighter Note...

I got 100 on my first physiology test!

Still don't know...

What is wrong with my baby. So, the cleaning out didn't work; well it worked, she is clean, but it didn't solve the problem. So now we have an appointment with a pediatric urologist. I bet you are all jealous since it sounds so much fun. I just hope they can figure out what is up, it is getting very tiring, stressful, etc. on both of us (Jenna & myself).

Friday, February 15, 2008

Jenna update

I forgot to update on Jenna after taking her to the Dr the other day. Since there appears to be nothing wrong; no uti, no rash, no reddness, no pain, etc they are thinking maybe constipation. She has been having BMs but they think there may still be a little blockage that is pushing on her bladder and causing the urge to pee. So now we get the fun of "cleaning her out". If that doesn't seem to work then they will run some tests. They want to start with the easiest solution first which makes sense to me. We didn't really have any plans this weekend so I guess we will be staying close to home for some fun and excitement.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day around here is not such a big deal. I always try to do something fun for the kids, but we don't go out of our way to make it a big celebration. Mike hates shopping and only buys gifts for me and only for Christmas and my bday. A couple weeks ago he started telling me he found the perfect gift for me for Valentine's and wouldn't stop talking about it. He said it was one of the best gifts he had ever bought for me, right up there with the piano. Then he would drop weird little hints about it. I had no idea what it was. Well here it is:

Boxing Gloves? What?

He said they are for me to use on him when I am upset with him, which really isn't too often. Those that know us know that we rarely argue, let alone fight. Maybe he thinks I don't take out enough aggression and anger and this will help, I am not really sure? I am just grateful he was thinking about me and did something nice for me. I love my strange hubby! I don't know if I will ever fully understand him, but man do I love him!
I was able to go help with Cole's class party today. I have not been at the kid's school as much as I would like because of my own school. I love to take the chance when I can and today happened to be one of those rare oppurtunities. I was in charge of the snack for the class so we made heart shaped waffles. My mom gave me the waffle maker for a bridal shower (over 12 years ago) and it's so much fun! We died the batter pink and topped them with strawberries, strawberry syrup, and whip cream! They were so cute and yummy!

For dinner we are having heart shaped pizza from our favorite, Papa Murphys.

I hope you all have a fun Valentine's Day and are able to spend it with those you love!


I love movies! I enjoy watching all types of movies, same as I enjoy reading all types of books and listening to all kinds of music. We belong to Netlfix so we get movies all the time and it's nice to just snuggle under a blanket and "escape" for a couple hours at home. I think it's an escape for me because I can just forget anything else going on in my life and laugh and cry and scream while watching a good story. As much as I enjoy relaxing at home to watch, I think I enjoy going to the theater even more. The whole experience is so much fun: the big screen, the THX sound system, the popcorn, etc. It seems we go in spurts on our theater attendance and lately I have been on a spurt. In the last month I have seen 5 movies, all of which I enjoyed. First I saw Mad Money. This was probably my least favorite of the ones I have seen. It was funny, but nothing special. Then I saw P.S. I Love You with my friends for my bday. It was a great movie! I laughed, I cried, I cried because I was laughing so hard, I enjoyed the music, a great movie overall. Then Mike & I went with some of his family to see Juno. I wasn't really sure what to expect since I have heard so many differing opinions, but I really liked it. It was funny! You never knew what was going to come out of Juno's mouth next. Someone said something to me about her taking her teenage pregnancy too lightly and joking about it too much. I think that was the only way she knew to deal with her huge problem and I think she was very courageous and I couldn't help liking her. The music from this movie was great too! Kind of quirky, like Juno herself. On Monday Jenna and I went to see Enchanted with some friends and I loved this movie too. Cute story, another good soundtrack, and it was funny too. It also has Patrick Dempsey in it so how can you not enjoy that? Then on Tuesday night I went to the preview of Definitely Maybe and again enjoyed another good movie. It stars Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Ryan Reynolds along with a cast of women (don't know any of their names, but thought they all were perfectly casted). It was a cute story with funny and sad moments. (A warning to parents: the beginning of the movie talks about the school teaching their kids sex ed and if you haven't talked to your kids you will definitely have to after the movie). There are a few more movies to be released in the near future that I am looking forward to checking out. I would love to hear any recommendations if you have seen any good movies lately, whether at home on DVD or at the theater.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Funny Jenna

This is a picture Jenna drew in primary on Sunday. She was so excited to show it to us! She said it is a picture of her and Ry kissing the Jonas Brothers. Yeah we are in sooooo much trouble with this girl! I was trying so hard not to laugh, she was so serious about it. I guess she really listens to Ry and her cousins talking about how cute/hot these rockstar brothers are. Jenna is in love with Nick (who has curly hair) and Ry is in love with Joe. I love how the girls (they are the 2 on the ends) lips really look puckered up and the curly hair on Nick. So Funny!!!
PS- her culture came back negative so she is going to she the Dr. tomorrow, hope they can figure out what is wrong with my cute girl.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Update on Jenna

For those concerned about Jenna, thanks! I did talk to my Dr. friend and he said probably a UTI and we went up to the lab at LDS hospital Saturday night to check. Jenna thought it was weird she had to pee in a cup, but I told her I would help her. She thought it was hilliarious that she peed on my hand (oh the things we do for our kids). Anyway the initial came back negative and so now we are waiting for the culture to come back. She has gotten worse about sitting on the toilet for hours (and that is not really an exageration) and lastnight none of us got much sleep. I am hoping it comes back positive so we can just get her the antibiotics and be done. If it comes back negative I guess that means more Dr visits to figure out what is wrong. Luckily she has not been sick at all, no fever or anything, just tired and whiny. Poor girl!

Friday, February 08, 2008


So the last 4 nights have been awful trying to get Jenna to bed.
First I have to tell you that a few months ago she kept telling us she had to pee everytime we got in the car to go somewhere. When we went on vacation at Thanksgiving we stopped numerous times for her to go but she never would. She kept saying she had to and when a 4 year old says they have to pee you stop, right. Well, the problem went away until recently. She again will say I have to pee as soon as we get in the car to go anywhere. I told her to hold it except a couple times when she started crying saying she had to go soooooooooooo bad. So I have stopped at various places (Denny's, the grocery store) just to take her to the bathroom and guess what? She doesn't go. It's very annoying and time consuming and I have just been hoping it will pass again. Now back to the last 4 nights: She gets in bed and a few minutes later gets up to pee and sits on the toilet for 10 minutes and doesn't go so goes back to bed. A few minutes later the same thing and again and again and again. She keeps saying that everytime she lays down she feels like she has to pee. I kind of understand feeling like you have to go when you are riding in a car, but laying down? She keeps saying something is wrong with her and I should take her to the Dr. I just don't know what they could do. I was thinking maybe she had a UTI but wouldn't she really pee over and over besides having other syptoms? Does anyone have any suggestions? It's so frustrating and she is soooo tired and whiny the last few days. The poor girl...

This is how I found her lastnight, she finally fell asleep on her floor next to her buddy, Truman.
This is how I found her a little while ago. I thought she was finally asleep and went in her room to check on her. Truman was there, but no Jenna? She was sound asleep on the toilet, not sure how long she had been there. Poor girl!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Husband

Another friend did this on her blog and I thought it sounded like fun. Anyone else who wants should fill us in on your husbands as well.

What is his name? Mike
How long have you been together? Married 12 yearsHow long did you date? We dated off and on for over 4 years. I was in high school when we met then he would be gone all summer to CA and then I went to school in ID for a year while he was here in UT, so it was a lot of phone calls and letters. I miss the long talks on the phone and the “love” letters. The only reason we went out in the first place was to shut all the neighbors up who kept teasing us about going out. We figured if we went out they would leave us alone. We didn’t really start hanging out and dating until 6 months after that first date.
Who eats more? It depends on what it is. Probably overall Mike eats more, he just doesn’t look like it.
Who said "I love you" first? I honestly cannot remember, how sad is that? I will have to ask Mike and update you later.
Who is taller? Depends on who you ask. But really I am a little taller than he is.
Who is smarter? I think it depends on what it is. Mike definitely has me beat in the math area. I like to think I know more about science stuff (at least health sciences) but Mike is pretty smart in that area as well. Street smarts is not me, oh well.
Who does the laundry? I do. Mike always did his own wash until we got married and I took over. I guess I shouldn’t have been so anxious to do that job and maybe he would still do it. He does help fold sometimes (if you count laying on the bed in the middle of the laundry helping ;-)).
Who does the dishes? Lately it has become more of a joint effort. He likes to rinse but hates loading the dishwasher. The boys are in charge of emptying the dishwasher.
Who sleeps on the right? Mike
Who pays the bills? Another joint effort: He makes the money and I manage the money and “pay” the bills.
Who mows the lawn? The lawncare boys. Mike use to mow ours as well as the neighbors until he got “fired” by the neighbor. Then we had the neighbors newly hired lawn boy mow ours as well. He got fired by the neighbor too but we kept him, he does a good job. Who cooks dinner? I cook dinner, but Mike makes the best breakfasts!
Who drives when you are together? Mike.
Who is more stubborn? Neither one of us is more stubborn, actually I don’t either of us are stubborn.
Who kissed who first? Mike kissed me first, but I was glad he finally did. He can actually tell you the exact date, which for someone who forgets anniversaries and birthdays is pretty good.
Who asked who out first? Neither, like I said earlier we just kind of agreed to go.
Who proposed? Mike. In San Francisco and it was awesome, even though he forgot the ring.
Who has more siblings? Me-6, Mike-4

Tag, I have been it for awhile...

So my friend Katie tagged me a few weeks, actually more like a month or two ago and I have been slow about it, but better late than never, right!?!? Now I tag Sara, Christy and anyone else who would like to do this.

So, Here it is: My 8 Things

8 things I’m passionate about:
1. My husband and my marriage.
2. My kids.
3. My family (parents, siblings, in laws)
4. Music
5. My friends
6. Baking
7. Reading
8. Being a good friend

8 things I say often:
1. Just a minute
2. Sit down!
3. Do you need to go potty?
4. No
5. I love you
6. Turn it down!
7. Turn it up!
8. Thank you

8 books I’ve read recently (or hope to read soon)
1. Human Anatomy
2. Foundations of Nutrition
3. Chemistry
4. Dora the Explorer, What I want to Be
5. The Twilight Series (finally got to read them over Christmas break)
6. Nineteen Minutes
7. Human Physiology
8. The Tao of Pooh (new book club selection that I need to start)

8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Become a Nurse
2. Get out of debt
3. Be in the temple with Mike and all the kids and their spouses.
4. Become healthier and maintain a good level of health.
5. Be at peace with myself (at all levels: spiritually, physically, emotionally etc.)
6. Travel the USA with Mike.
7. Retire comfortably, so we can do number 6
8. Go on a cruise.

8 songs I can listen to over and over again, and probably have (this was the hardest for me to only pick 8, I love all genres of music and listen to all different songs and artists on a daily basis)

1. The Dance, Garth Brooks
2 Nothing Else Matters, metallica
3. When you say nothing at all by Alison Krauss
4. America by Neil Diamond
5. Long time Gone by The Dixie Chicks
6. Float On by Modest Mouse
7.Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow
8. Fiesta by WEEN

8 things that attract me to my friends: (sorry Katie I didn’t really change any of these because they are the same for me and you said it so perfectly.)
1. They make me laugh
2. I can be myself around them
3. Similar interests
4. They are smart and teach me about things I didn't know
5. They like to have "girl time"
6. They’re there when needed
7. They have the same beliefs and morals as me
8. They tell me the truth

8 things I learned in the last year:
1. That going back to college is HARD!
2. That I love learning!
3. That my kids are awesome and I should give them more credit.
4. That marriage is hard (that part I already knew), but there is help out there and it’s worth the hard work!
5. That I am too stressed out and need to lighten up.
6. That I cannot control everyone and everything around me and that’s ok.
7. That my body is changing, not in a good way, and that I cannot continue to eat like I have, dang it.
8. That I still have a lot to learn about life and a lot of growing to do.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

YEAH Giants!!

So I am not really a huge fan of football but do enjoy watching the super bowl each year. I was a little disappointed this year because the teams I really wanted to go didn't make it. I like to cheer for the underdogs and especially this year. I did not want the undefeated Patriots to win, even though Mike did. The game itself was pretty slow and boring until the last quater. The last few minutes were the best! I was so glad the Giants pulled it off!

11 Years Old

Yesterday was Rylee's 11th Birthday!
I cannot believe my baby girl is already 11 and so not a little girl anymore. Ry is an incredible young lady (cannot say young woman yet)! She is so full of life: always smiling and laughing and finding the fun in whatever she is doing. She helps me out a lot, playing with her siblings and being an example to them. Everything has always come easy to her: reading, school, friends, piano, gymnastics, etc. (some things not as easy as she would like). She is a social butterfly, hmmmmm, I wonder where she gets that!?! She is kind to everyone around her and has always had a soft spot for those less fortunate than she, whether they are sad or special needs or whatever, she seems to sense that she can help them and cheer them up a little. Ry we love you and cannot imagine our home without you. It would be so dull and boring!
To celebrate her special day could not be boring either and it ended up being a 2 day celebration! On Friday I took treats to her class and they sang and played a game. She even wanted me to bring Moe so everyone could see him. That afternoon her, Jenna, Grandma Carol, & I went shopping. She picked out a new dress, that is soooo her (I'll have to post a picture of her in it another time). She got a new bra and some hannah montana socks as well as some hannah montana earings and a hair piece (a pony tail thing with purple streaks). That night we went to dinner at Olive Garden as a family (we actually had a gift card from our friend, Granny Joan, so we kind of killed two birds with one stone). The food was yummy, of course, and they sang their special birthday song. On Saturday, the actual birthday, we had german pancakes for breakfast, her favorite, and she opened presents from us. She got 2 Hannah Montana DVD's and the new remix CD as well as some new clothes. I think the best part of the day for her was going with her cousins to see the new 3-D Hannah Montana Movie. I took her and Jenna and 3 of her cousins and we had a blast!!! It was like being at the concert but even better, it was like you were on stage with her. They also had a little party going on in one of the theaters with kareoke and dancing and free posters,etc. The girls had so much fun (I did too). We got glitter in our hair and glitter stars painted on our cheeks (yes I got them too). Definitely a girly day! That evening we headed up to my parents to celebrate not only her birthday but 5 others as well. My bday was a week or so ago and a friends little girl had hers a couple weeks a go, my dad's bday was on Friday, and my neice in Spain shares the same bday with Ry. We also celebrated my brother Brandon's bday, he would be 35 on the 23rd of this month. My mom will be out of town that day so we celebrated now. Mom made a delicious!!!! Mexican feast! Then we sang to everyone and had vanilla cake, chocolate cake, and cheesecake for dessert. Rylee and Eliza kept their tradition alive of coreographing and performing a dance for the family. They even let Jenna and Sofie join in for some of the dancing. It was fun to hang out with my family and relax and laugh! WOW! What a birthday, I am tired just thinking back and writing about it.

Ry performing for the fam!

Eliza, Ry, Shannon, & Jenna dancing after the movie.

Ry, Eliza, Jenna, & Shannon anxiously waiting for the Hannah Montana Movie to start!

Ry being sung to at Olive Garden (notice Hurley singing, ;-))

Ry with Moe at school.