Sunday, June 03, 2012


 We were still in California for Easter, but the Easter Bunny found the kids there. They were so tired and asleep that they didn't even notice how loud he was. They had plenty of  candy for the long drive home.

 When we got back into town Carol had us over for our annual Easter meal: fried chicken, her homemade potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, and rolls. Even though the kids are getting older, they still get so excited for the annual Easter egg hunter at Grandma's. It's always fun to see who gets the "golden" egg. Rylee found it this year and I think it had $10 in it.






 The guys decided to make a fire pit so we could have a bonfire and make s'mores. The kids had fun helping to build the pit and gather wood. They had even more fun roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores. I think the most fun they had was having a marshmallow fight with Mike after eating all they could eat.

The fire was nice and hot!




Yummy s'mores!

Get him Jenna!

Look out! Dad found more marshmallows!

Fun at Aunt Cheryl's

Cleo is almost 15.
 The kids had a lot of fun just hanging out around Cheryl and Jon's house. They rode their scooters and skateboards, played with the dogs, and found other animals to play with too.
Noah with all 3 dogs: Cleo, Russ, and Jack

Cole with the little snake Jenna almost rode her scooter over.

Rylee and Cleo, they are just a few months apart in age. I have cute pics of Rylee around 6 months old playing with Cleo who was just 3 months old, so cute!

Rylee loves her Aunt Cheryl!

The boys with Russ

Jenna found another friend, she was hoping he would turn into a prince.

Ironstone44 pund

 After our tour of the caverns we headed to a local winery, Ironstone, to have a picnic and check out their small museum and beautiful grounds.

They had this huge pipe organ

The flowers were amazing!

44 pound piece of Crystalinne Gold

Mercer Caverns

Mike and Jenna
 When we left Bakersfield we drove to Cheryl and Jon's, just a few hours north. The kids were excited to get there and see Cheryl, Jon, the dogs, and the cats. The next day we drove about an hour through beautiful rolling hills to Mercer Caverns. We went on a tour of the caverns, which was amazing!
Cole and Noah playing with the "mascot"

Noah and Jenna waiting for our tour to start.


My twins with the "twins" in the caverns

Our fun tour guide

It was very steep, we went down 16 stories.

Fun and Babies

Mike and Maggie
We all had so much fun playing with Maggie and holding the babies, June and Charley. It was hard to say goodbye because we weren't sure how soon we would see them again.
Maggie loved being spun around!

Maggie and Noah

So cute!

Grandma Wendy
June loves putting her hands in her mouth.

Charley is beautiful!

Ahhhh, so sweet.

Rylee and Charley

Jenna and Charley