Tuesday, January 26, 2010


One year ago today Mike's dad, Bob, passed away. He is missed everyday and the kids still talk about Grandpa Bob almost everyday. This morning before they left for school I told them to each think about their favorite memories of Grandpa to share with each other tonight. This is what they shared:

1-Going to San Fransisco for the day with Grandpa and Grandma.
2-Helping him do his physical therapy while he was in the hospital.
3-His crazy music he listened to like the song "Dead Puppies"

1-Grandpa singing the Chicken Song (it's a song Bob would play on the piano while he clucked like a chicken).
2-His belching (only boys would appreciate something like this).
3-His pancakes! (my kids love breakfast and grandpa always made pancakes for them when they slept over and they liked telling Mike that Grandpa made the best pancakes, even better than dad's)

1-Grandpa teaching him how to play scrabble and playing with him.
2-His pancakes!
3-His belching (he said burping and said no wait Grandpa belched not burped...whatever).

1-Grandpa singing silly songs to me.
2-He had fun with me.
3-Jumping on his belly (she loved to jump on him while he was sitting in his chair watching TV or reading or trying to relax, he would try to catch her and she would giggle so hard).

I love that they all have so many good memories. I love this picture of Bob, he was such a fun loving guy and always doing or saying something to make us laugh and smile.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Rylee got her braces today:

I guess this isn't the funnest way to spend a day off from school.

It didn't take too long and she did awesome!

I took her to get frozen yogurt. It's one of her favorite treats and it's soft so she can still eat it.

I think she looks cute and know she will look even cuter when she is all done with them in about 15 months. Mike is glad she had to get braces. He thinks it will keep the boys away just a little longer. I don't think the problem is the boys the problem is Ry...she is a little boy crazy.

I have to share this funny story about her. She wanted to ride the ski bus for school. So for Christmas she got her ski pass and the bus pass. They ride a chartered bus 7 Thursdays right after school and head to Park City and ski (well Ry snowboards) and then come home later that night. The first night I picked her and her friend up I watched all the kids getting off the bus. There were probably 100 -120 kids and I noticed there were not a lot of girls. Rylee and Daisy told me there were in fact only 7 girls on the bus. No wonder Ry wanted to do the ski bus so bad! Daisy told me the boys were changing on the bus and she was telling all the girls (who were sitting at the front) not to turn around and of course my daughter turned around. Rylee just smiled and laughed when Daisy was telling me. I think we may need to lock her up until she is 20.

Friday, January 08, 2010

One Week Into A New Year

and I have not accomplished a whole lot. The kids went back to school on Monday. I worked. I had a sleepover with some of my girls from school. I watched a few movies. I ate too much. I worked. I found out Rylee gets to get braces (which means we get to pay for braces). I scheduled lots of doctors and dentists appointments (just check ups and the like since it is a new year). I have just been pretty lazy. I am not ready for school to start for me again this next week. I did get my house cleaned today and helped a friend out. It looks like Mike & I are getting a date night with some friends tonight. I am hoping with school starting next week I will be forced to get into a good schedule and life will run smoothly and not be too crazy for the next few months. We shall see...

Friday, January 01, 2010

All Caught Up...

for now. I always say I am going to be better and my intentions are good so we shall see.

Happy New Year!!!


The last few days we have been getting lots of snow, which is great for many reasons: it has warmed the temps up a bit, it has helped clear out our nasty air a little, and it gave us a good excuse to go sledding. Rylee went sledding with a friend yesterday and then one of the boys friends called to see if they wanted to go. So we decided to all go with them and it was a blast!

They kept making trains with all the tubes. Notice Jenna in the background, she fell off.

She didn't let it stop her at all. She went up and down the hill more than anyone.

Mike bought some snowboards at the pawn shop so he could teach the boys and Jenna. Here Cole is trying it out for the first time and doing great!

Noah enjoying himself. I love his face in this picture!

Christmas Day

We always have Christmas morning just us and I love it! The kids all slept downstairs together and we told them they were not allowed to come upstairs until we told them. At about 8 they started yelling upstairs for us to get up. So we got to sleep in a little which was nice. Then they checked out their stash from Santa and then we opened presents. Then we ate breakfast and hung out for a few hours. The boys worked on putting their new Lego sets together while the girls and I set up Band Hero for the Wii. Then we headed down the street to Mike's moms. The kids knew there was a Christmas surprise waiting for everyone there and were so excited to find the air hockey table! We spent the afternoon eating, opening presents, playing games, and just enjoying family. I had to go to work for a few hours that evening, the girls had their traditional Christmas sleepover at Grandma's, and the boys went home to work on Legos some more.

The kiddos waiting to come upstairs.

Ry got new socks, she always wears unmatched socks.
She says it's bad luck to wear matching socks.

Our niece, Ashley and her husband Brett, went to Brazil for Christmas to see his parents so their pug, Lucy was staying with Grandma Wendy and we got to spend Christmas with her. Jenna was thrilled! I told her that was her puppy for the day since that is what she wanted for Christmas.

The boys had more Legos to open at Grandma's and spent most of the afternoon doing this:

The rest of the time they spent playing air hockey. I am not sure who had more fun playing the kids or the adults. It will definitely get used.

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house this year. It was quiet with just my parents, my sister Leah and her family, and my family. We ate our traditional pizza dinner, then the kids decorated sugar cookies my mom had made, everyone performed, we played the candy bar game, and Skyped with my sister, Sara, and her family in Las Vegas.

The crazy almost teenagers:

Jenna had fun frosting the cookies and dumping on the sprinkles.

Here are some of the kids Skyping with their Vegas cousins.

Here are my awesome parents watching their grandkids perform. My poor mom has been laid up for a couple months now with a bad knee. They removed the knee replacement she had over a year ago due to an infection. My dad learned to give her meds through her PICC line and hovers over her and does whatever she needs. Her love for her is so evident in all that he does. They are just awesome!

Here are my kiddos modeling their new pajamas. Another family tradition is to open new pajamas on Christmas Eve.

**Notice both boys are wearing glasses. Cole kept telling me he was having a hard time seeing things so I finally got him into the eye doctor and yep, he needed glasses. Now people are having a hard time telling them apart again.**

Family Concerts

The day we spent together as a family before Devin & Karissa moved and on Christmas Eve both involved sharing of talents. My dad played guitar and sang us some of the songs he has written. Cole and each of my nephews (Taylor and McKay) played us some songs on their guitars. Rylee played her clarinet for us and Eliza (my niece) sang for us. It was fun to watch them all share talents with us and each other. It's a great way to get them feeling comfortable playing in front of others, especially my kids who are not use to performing.

Here the girls are singing a song my dad wrote while he plays (with a little help from Cole).

Ry playing some Christmas hymns.

Eliza singing some Christmas songs (she was the opening act for Alex Boyle a few weeks ago).

My Dad:

Cole was very nervous about playing for all of us. My dad told him to picture all of us in our underwear, yeah that really helped. Now dad what should we do to stop all the giggling?

Sad Day..

My brother, Devin, and his wife, Karissa, along with their baby, Roran, moved to Texas the week before Christmas. We all spent a day at my parents hanging out and saying goodbye. I am going to miss this little guy:

I will miss Devin and Karissa too!

From the look on his face, I think Roran is as happy about moving as we are to be having them move:

We will miss them all but wish them luck in this new adventure in their life! At least we have Skype to keep in touch. Love you Deloziers!


This year we (I should say I) were so busy we were a little slow getting our tree. Then Mike got all the decorations out and the lights were no where to be found. You can't decorate the tree until the lights are on so it sat a few more days while Mike searched for the big box of missing lights. I later realized I was missing some other Christmas decorations besides just the lights. Not too big a deal until I realized the kids stockings were missing as well. My mom handmade each of them their stockings when they were born, not really something that is easily replaced. I am still hoping they turn up...
Anyway, we finally got lights for the tree and the kids had a blast decorating it, as usual. And as usual it turned out great...

Rylee's First Band Concert

It was fun to watch Ry in her first band concert. She seems to enjoy playing and has a great teacher!

Catch Up.....

again! Since my last post I have been busy studying for and taking finals, getting ready for Christmas, working, enjoying down time with the fam, and reading a novel. So now I have to play catch up with my blog.

First, I made it through my first year of nursing school, only 1 year left!!!!!!! I got an A and A- and it feels SO good! I am hoping the next year goes by as quickly as the last year.

Next, came Christmas which includes attending the light parade, getting and decorating a tree, shopping, making treats, attending Rylee's first band concert, time with family and friends, etc.

Finally, I have just been enjoying time off from studying. I have still been working, but it's nice to be at home and not have to study. I have taken it real easy! Reading, watching movies, playing games, reconnecting with friends, eating, and sleeping.