Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am a "Cheer" Mom

Rylee has been talking about trying out for cheerleader for a year and was very bummed when they said they may not have cheerleaders next year. Davis County may cut out all Jr High sports so they would not need cheerleaders. I am not even sure the final decision has been made but they went ahead with tryouts this last week. So Rylee had to be at school at 6:15 a.m. for 3 days for clinics. They learned some kicks, a cheer, a dance, and worked on tumbling. I knew she would have no problem with the tumbling and the kicks thanks to gymnastics. I figured the cheer part would be ok too since she is loud and enthusiastic. The dance had me a little stressed, Rylee has never really had formal dance training. She does enjoy choreographing her own dance routines and can learn quickly. She worked hard at clinics and practiced more at home after school each day.
Friday was the big day...She didn't seem too nervous, but I was STRESSING!!! I knew she would do great and was pretty sure she would make it, but what if...What if she didn't, what if she was devastated, what if I had to comfort her....Being a mom is so hard sometimes. They didn't allow parents in the building at all during tryouts and I was stressing! Mike told me to chill. He said "She is cool like me" in competitions. It's a good thing she is more like her dad in that way. She texted me when she was done and she felt good about her tryout but she had fallen on her tumbling pass. She said she got a little too much momentum and did her round off, back handspring, back tuck fine but after she landed it she fell on her butt. She was fine, just a little sore. She was the first to try out and so she had to wait for a couple hours to find out. I was waiting and waiting for her call and when it finally came all I could hear was excited screaming. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders...I was so excited to be celebrating with her rather than comforting her this time!
So now the "fun" begins. I have some experience with the stress, time consumption, and money draining aspects of cheer leading because of gymnastics, but it will be an experience! I am looking forward to watching her learn and try new things. I am looking forward to watching her grow even more. My sister said Rylee was born to be a cheer leader, I think she may be right! She is so full of energy and enthusiasm. She is happy and kind and beautiful (inside and out). People are drawn to her! She is a hard worker and will be an asset to the SDJH cheer squad! Rylee we love you and are so proud of the young woman you have become.

Here is a cute picture of Ry

Here is one of Ry and her cousin, Eliza, performing one of their "Delozier family get together" dances. Every time our family is all together the girls choreograph and perform a dance for the family. I think all that time and effort has paid off. It will be really fun to for them when their Jr Highs play against each other. (Ry may have to cheer for both teams during girls basketball season)


Jenna's spring soccer season is almost over and I have only been able to go to 2 games. I am just glad the 2 days I could go the weather was beautiful! It has been fun watching her, I just wish she had a better coach. I know it's hard for them to get coaches and I would volunteer but I don't have the time or the knowledge and skills (I know next to nothing about soccer). Her coach is very nice, but doesn't really know what she is doing and they don't have practices so they just do the best they can. I think Jenna has had fun but she says she doesn't want to play next year so I guess we will be finding something else for her to try.
I was able to get a couple good pictures yesterday. I especially like the one of her kicking, I was lucky enough to take it at just the right moment. The other picture has a funny story behind it. My neice, Shannon, was at the game and she kept telling Jenna to block the green players when they were kicking it in. So she finally stood in front of this girl and the green player was not about to let her so she stepped in front of Jenna and Jenna stepped in front of her and she stepped in front of Jenna and again and again. The green player was getting mad and Jenna was just laughing the whole time. I think she thought it was some kind of game or something. Anyway, it was fun to watch her play and enjoy her self this season.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Last Time (hopefully)

I have been getting my varicose veins treated and today was the last of 4 surgeries/procedures. So this will be how I will be spending my time the next couple of days, same as 3 other weekends the last couple months. My legs look and feel so much better! It also gives me time to study which I have been slacking on. But tonight I am going to enjoy some TV and start the studying tomorrow. The picture is too small to tell but it is Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall, one of my favorite movies which happens to be on TV right now. ;-)

Shortly after I got home and laid down I felt a weird sensation and thought "are we having an earthquake?" But it only lasted a couple seconds and nothing else seemed to be moving so I figured it was due to the fact that I had been under conscious sedation just an hour or so before. Then I see everyone's posts on facebook and checked and sure enough it was an earthquake.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Family Filled Weekend

We spent Easter Sunday with almost my entire family! Sara and her kids were here, both my brothers had flown in for the weekend, and Krista came down from Logan. We hung out at Mom and Dad's, listened to conference, ate a delicious ham dinner, reminisced, and played games. It was fun!

Jenna beating up Uncle Griffin

Uncle Griffin lifting "weights"

Sara and Audrey

Devin holding Audrey. His wife Karissa and baby Roran didn't get to come this trip so he was missing them. (we all were)

Jenna, Rylee, and Mara made up a dance and performed for us. Rylee and Eliza also did a dance. Notice the girls cute necklaces Aunt Leah made them.

Bouncing Fun

After the Martin family fun we met up with my family for Delozier family fun. Because we weren't sure what the weather was going to be like we opted for inside fun and headed to Kangaroo Zoo. It's a bouncy house place that the kids love! They all ran around like crazy while the adults watched and hung out.

Here is Ry. She wanted to pose, she actually went down the big slide like this.

Cole enjoying himself!

Jenna & Mara had a blast!

Wyatt would not hold still long enough for me to get a good picture. Most of the ones I took of him were all blurry due to the fact that he was running away. I finally had my dad hold him still and snuck up and snapped this picture. He is such a crazy kid and I love him!

Audrey hung out with the adults. Here she is with Grandma, just chillin'

Annual Martin Family Easter Egg Hunt

Each year Mike's mom does a big Easter egg hunt for the kids and then we have a yummy lunch with fried chicken, potato salad, beans, etc. This year Jacque and Maggie were here and Sara and her kids joined us as well. The kids loved it as usual!

Here is everyone ready to run outside and start grabbing eggs:

Mara and Jenna finding some eggs:

Noah was very successful on his hunt:

Here is Cole checking out his stash! They each had a couple eggs with their names on it which contain $$ and then the rest of the eggs have candy and quarters.


My sister, Sara, and her 3 kiddos arrived last Monday from Vegas. We were soooo excited to meet Audrey (she is just over 5 months old)! She is so cute and such a good baby! We loved having her here for a week and enjoyed holding her and kissing her!

Then later in the week we got to meet Mike's niece Jacque's baby, Maggie (she is 2 1/2 months old). They are here from Bakersfield. She is a cutie too.

Jenna kept informing me that she needs a baby sister....not going to happen...

My "Presidents"

All the 5th graders have been working on a big project. They each chose a President or First Lady and had to write a report about them, draw a picture of them, make a poster about their life, write and memorize a 3 minute monologue, and dress up like their president for a wax museum. It was a lot of work for them, but I loved all the different skills they learned and used for each aspect of the project. (We have the best 5th grade teachers around!)

Noah chose Martin Van Buren because of his crazy hair. Here he is dressed up for the wax museum, crazy hair and all. I was so impressed with my boys, they memorized their entire monologue, I just wish they weren't so shy and would have talked louder. (you know, like they do at home)

And here is Cole, aka Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Isn't it a great project for 5th graders?!?!? They were all awesome!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fools

My boys have been planning an April Fools prank (with the help of Noah's teacher) for quite some time. They wanted to trade places for the day and see how many of their classmates noticed. The original plan was to inform Cole's teacher as well, but they decided to trick her too. I thought for sure she would notice first thing since she was Cole's second grade teach too. They said only a few kids in each class noticed but instead of spilling the beans got in on the action. After about 1/2 an hour Noah's teacher asked her class if they noticed the "new" student today. Cole said about 1/3 of the class raised their hands. Then she went to Cole's class and asked his teacher if she noticed her "new" student. I guess she was a little confused for a minute then noticed Cole out in the hall. I am glad they had fun pulling their first prank, but it worries me what they might try next....

I worked all day today and when I walked in the door (very tired) Jenna said Rylee's crying. My first thought was April Fools...When I looked at her she had tears streaming down her face and looked so scared. When I asked her what was wrong she handed me this:

It's a note from her band teacher telling me she has been disrupting class, having a disrespectful attitude, not paying attention, etc etc. It says she has a D- for her academic grade and a U for her citizenship. Then he wrote that we need to have a conference ASAP! I was shocked! I asked her what happened, what had she done? She just kept crying and said to look at the next page, on which her teacher had written : Ha Ha April Fools!

She got me good!!!