Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Friday Night Lights

 We've been so excited for high school football to start. We're excited to support Ry, but also to experience some "hometown" football. Rylee looked cute, her whole team did. Their cheering was awesome and their football team won! WX hasn't had the best record, ever really.We are hoping this first game is a sign of things to come. WX beat Viewmont 41 to 16! It was so much fun cheering the team on and watching Ry cheer.

The cheerleaders have a tradition of going to the end zone and doing push ups every time their team scores. They don't just do 7 push ups, they do the same number of push ups of their total score. They did a lot of push ups that night! I am hoping they will being doing a lot more this season. Go Cats!

Summer Visitor

 A few weeks ago Mike discovered we had a visitor and he is still hanging around. The boys and Mike looked up online and found out he is a cat face spider. He is big and ugly!

Rolee & Shoela

They are cute even when they are acting like weirdos.
 Rylee's best friend is Shaylee. She lives around the corner and these 2 have been together nonstop all summer! They are both so sweet and fun, they are also both SO loud! They go back and forth between our houses and Shaylee calls me mom and Rylee calls her mom, mom. They love the same things and laugh and act crazy. They will probably go through withdrawals when school starts next week.
At Ry's first high school football game.

Weirdos again at girls camp.

Brigham City Temple and More Badminton

My girls & I outside the temple.
 They just built a new smaller temple in Brigham City. Some of us were able to go to the open house last week and it was absolutely amazing! The attention to detail is incredible. Brigham City is known for it's peaches and they have used peach blossoms in a lot of the glass work, on the wood work, and even in the flooring. The color scheme was beautiful! Really neat to go see it before the dedication.
The girls and I went and brought along Rylee's friend, Brayden. Mike had the boys at work with him, they get to go later with their YM. My parents, Sara, and her kids appointment was just after ours so we met back up at my parents for more badminton and treats.
Rylee & Brayden admiring the beautiful temple.

Jenna (actually smiling) by the colorful flowers.

A view of the temple from farther away.

Rylee & Brayden


I got to be on Wyatt's team.

Can you tell how sweaty he is?

Badminton, etc

Grandpa and Jenna about to return the birdie
 We have played a lot of Badminton this summer at my parents. The kids love playing! Mara and Wyatt were excited to learn to play. We all played a little each day when we were together.
Grandpa giving Wyatt a few pointers. He loved it! He would get so sweaty everyday when we played.

Grandma, Cole, and Wyatt

Grandma and Sara knitting

Taylor, Wyatt, and McKay

Grandpa cooking our dinner.

Rylee & Mara watching badminton.

Rachel and Noah playing Bacci Ball

Cole & Jenna, Cole LOEVS badminton!

Jenna & Krista

Sara and Audrey

More Fun with the Binghams

Cole, Audrey, and Noah had fun making trains with dominoes and knocking them down.

Wyatt enjoying a pace bar, seriously love this kid!

Mara doesn't look like she is enjoying her pace bar...

Noah trying not to look at me, he hates having his picture taken.

Jenna, not sure why her eye is closed, just glad she wasn't making her typical grumpy face.

Cole, he doesn't really like having his picture taken either.

Audrey really is the cutest little girl, love her!

Noah and Wyatt putting together a puzzle. Wyatt LOVES puzzles and amazes me how quickly he can put together difficult puzzles.

A Visit from the Binghams!

Wyatt, Jenna, & Mara doing magic tricks for us.

Ta da!

My mom and cute Audrey
 I had my gal bladder out a couple weeks ago and had a week off work. My sister, Sara, was tired of the heat in Vegas and decided to come for a visit for a week. Luckily the times overlapped so we were able to spend lots of time with her and her kids as well as my parents and other siblings. Her kids are awesome! We had so much fun just hanging out at my parents playing games, eating good food, and sharing stories and laughing.
My dad and Wyatt, he is the coolest kid!

Grandpa had a few tricks of his own.

Baseball Party

 My kids found out a few months ago that our friend, Codge, has never seen the movie Sandlot. They were beside themselves and have been so excited to have him and his wife, Michelle, over to watch the movie. So we finally found a night when our schedules lined up so we had a baseball party. We ate pizza and drank soda. Rylee and her friend, Kyle, made baseball cakes and had a decorating contest (Rylee won). We ate the baseball cakes, peanuts, popcorn, s'mores, and lots of candy. Codge enjoyed the movie and we all had fun rewatching one of our favorite classic movies.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A to Z Summer Camping

Jenna & Mike at the falls
 We had a ward camp out this past weekend. Rylee had cheer camp so couldn't come, but we decided to go without her. It was a lot of fun! We went up to a campground just past Kamas. We drove a little further to hike at Provo River Falls for a bit. We were there a year ago and were expecting even less water than last year since our snow fall was less this year. We were very surprised to find it rushing with a lot more water than the same time last year. It was beautiful!
Cole & Noah had fun hiking in the cold water

Our cute family, minus Ry.

Mike & Jenna roasting their marshmallows over the coals left from dinner.
 We went back to camp to have dinner with the ward. It started raining just after dinner, but just for a few minutes. Then some of us played volleyball, some played ultimate frisbee, some just ran around enjoying friends, and some just sat and visited. Later we roasted marshmallows and sang camp songs around the camp fire. The boys slept in the tent, Jenna in the cab of the truck, and Mike & I in the back of the truck. It started pouring rain about 2 a.m. and didn't stop for almost 2 hours. We stayed dry in the truck and since the boys didn't come find us to tell us they were getting wet, we assumed they were dry too. Luckily in the morning we found out they were. Our tent is awesome!!! It was a really fun night. I hope they make it a yearly activity.

On our way back to camp  after hiking at the falls this "little" guy crossed the road right in front of us. It was awesome! Moose are amazing animals!

The boys were all smiles in the morning, nice and dry!
Cole doing a skit with some of the other YW.