Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cheerleading Competition #1

Rylee had her first cheerleading competition yesterday and it was actually quite fun! I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but it was great! The morning was full of the all star teams and private gym cheer teams. They had all ages and skill levels. The funnest to watch was definitely the level 6 team made up of coaches from one gym. I could not believe some of the stunts they were throwing...AMAZING!!! Then it was time for the school teams to compete and they were pretty amazing too. Some of the high school teams were AWESOME!!! It's especially neat to watch knowing how much time and effort goes into their sport. These are dedicated girls (and guys) who really work hard and have to overcome fear and find strength both physically and emotionally to do what they do, what they love! It makes me so proud of Rylee and her team. They really are INCREDIBLE!!!

They got together for a big dinner the night before and here is a picture of them
being crazy, which is their normal selves.

Here they are just arriving...I love their uniforms and warm ups, cute!

It is so hard to take pictures of them cheering and dancing, they are moving to fast and I don't have a great camera, but here is one shot that turned out pretty good.

Here they are waiting to hear the results

And here they are after hearing the results...Division Champs! They did awesome! They had some extra challenges the past couple weeks, but they worked extra hard and did it! They are an awesome bunch of girls, way to go SDJH Cheer!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Licensed Registered Nurse

I took the NCLEX (my boards) last week and I passed!!! It was hard and stressful and I was freaking out for the next 36 hours until I found out I had passed. It feels SO great to be all done! Now if I can just find a job all will be awesome!!! I am trying to be patient and have faith that the right job, "my" job will come, I just hope it's not to far in the future. I am so ready to be working as an RN and training and learning even more!