Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jenna's First Dentist Appointment

Today I took Jenna to her very first dentist check up. she was so good and sat very still while the hygeniest cleaned her teeth and then was pretty good while Dr. Boseman "counted" her teeth. I was afraid she had a cavity and she has 2. I am afraid she might have my bad teeth. The other kids have all only had 1 cavitiy each and they were all older then Jenna. Hopefully she doesnt' get that from me.

Our Week




This week has been fun but busy. We went to Cherry Hill on Monday as a family. Mike was able to go with us which was really nice. On Tuesday the kids and I went again with our friends and Leah (my sister) and her kids. Wednesday was our playgroup. We went to the fun fountains at the Gateway Mall downtown. The pictures are of the kids enjoying being sprayed and running from the water. It is a fun way to cool off! Today we took it easy and didn't do a whole lot of anything. Tomorrow Rylee and I get to go to Cherry Hill with her Girl Scout troop and their moms. It should be a lot of fun.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rylee-Girl Scout Camp

Rylee and her fellow Artastic Campers! (her camera was doing something weird)

Rylee doing pottery!

Rylee's cabin she stayed in. They sleep 8 girls, each on their own little cots.

Well, Rylee survived her first Girl Scout camp and first time away from home. I picked her up this morning and she was as glad to see me as I was to see her. She said it was fun, but when I asked if she wanted to go again next year she said no. I asked her about a diffferent camp (horse camp) but she said if it was a week again she didn't really want to. I guess a week was a little too long for her. I am just glad she had fun, learned a lot, and is home safe and sound. She said the food wasn't too good, but she loved all her awesome counselors! They canoed, made pottery, developed pictures in the darkroom, hiked, etc. I hope it is something she will always remember.

S&S Railroad

Yesterday Cole, Noah, Jenna, & I went to this little railroad with my friend Katie and her kids. The guy started it as his hobby 30 years ago and it has grown into a business. They have 2 trains you can ride, a little museum, a playground, and a picnic area. The kids wanted to ride the littler train. The track goes through their yard, in tunnels, past ponies, and a pond. The ride lasts about 15 minutes and it was a lot of fun! The kids really enjoyed it. (so did I)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jenna, the little mother

Jenna loves her doll! She has to take her everywhere lately. (notice the picture at wheeler farm) She even has to buckle her in a seat belt in the car. Today she had to have her in the bath with her because they were dirty from playing in the sandbox. When I saw her walking around the house with her doll, her backpack, and her purse I had to get out the camera. Isn't she the cutest little mom you've ever seen!?!? She keeps saying when she grows up she wants to be a mom and drive a mustang (I wonder where she got that). She will make a great mom one day.

Wheeler Farm

Cole, Jenna, & Noah on the wagon inside a barn out of the rain (notice the raindrops on their sweatshirts)

Jenna wasn't scared at all of the horses. (before it started raining)

Yesterday was our playgroup trip to Wheeler Farm. It started raining shortly after we got their so we all waited it out in a barn. We waited and waited and it finally slowed enough to make it to our cars. Then it stopped. It was an adventure!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Rylee at Girl Scout Camp

The lodge at Camp Cloud Rim

Daisy, Rylee, & Bailey (her 2 best friends when we dropped them off at camp)

Lake Brimhall

Lastnight we dropped Rylee of at Camp Cloud Rim, a Girl Scout Camp. She is there until Saturday morning. She has never been away from home or us fro that long. We can't talk to her, but we wrote letters for each day. It was wierd to leave her there, but I know she is having the time of her life. The camp she is attending is called Artastic! and they get to learn pottery, photography (darkroom), and other fun art projects. She is there with 2 of her best friends and I am sure she has already made a number of more friends. She is such a social butterfly. She bought herself a digital camera (with a little help from mom & dad) so we will have lots of fun pictures to post when she gets back.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Red Butte Gardens

On Wednesdays this summer we have a little neighborhood playgroup where we go to a different place each week. This was the first week and we went to Red Butte Gardens. It was so pretty and fun! There are so many neat gardens and fun kids area with water stuff and this year some dinosaurs. We had a good time even though it was hot! (99 degrees that day) That is Cole with the red hat reading the sign in the pond. Then there is Noah enjoying the water spitting snakes. And all of them are sitting on some of the big dinosaurs in the other picture.

Lagoon Fun!

Jenna enjoying the whale ride. She was upset because she couldn't go on The Bat (family roller coaster) with the other kids. She loved all the rides she could go on especially the Ladybug Bop. It is similar to the Dinosaur Drop (see other pic) where you go up about 30 feet and it spins and drops you. It was fun and Jenna kept wanting to go again and again.

Noah on one of the little airplane rides. He and Cole were a lot braver than I thought they would be. They liked The Bat the best. It is a roller coaster where the track is above and the seat is hooked above your head. It was a fun ride that wasn't too crazy for them.

Here is Rylee and Cole on the Dinosaur Drop which was fun. Like the Ladybug Bop it takes you up 30 feet and drops you. You go around and back up and drop again and again.

Rylee, Roller Coaster Addict

Here are a couple pictures of Mike & Rylee on the Jet Star roller coaster at Lagoon. It was the first big one she went on and loved it. Her exact words were: "That was AWESOME!!!!!". She also went on the old white roller coaster, the spider, the collasus (which goes upside down twice), and others. She had a smile on her face each time she got off and made the same comment. "That was AWESOME!!!" She is definitley a brave,spuncky, fun girl! We love that about her.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Crazy Fun Summer

So summer break started less than a week ago and we have already had a fun, busy summer. Here are a few pictures from swimming Saturday night. I have one cousin whose husband graduated from Weber State recently and my Aunt Karen threw him a surprise party at a really fun pool in Lehi where another cousin works. She reserved the pool just for the family for 2 hours Sat. night. It was so much fun. The one picture is of just one of the cool fun aspects of this pool. This huge bucket of water dumps every so many minutes over the slides and play area. The other pic. is one of the boys (I believe it is Noah) coming off one of the little slides. And the other is of my girls (Jenna & Rylee)! Arent' they so cute! It was fun to spend some time with my cousins which is rare with the busy lives we all lead. Anyway, yesterday we went to Cherry Hill to swim and today we went to Lagoon Amusement Park for our Stake Lagoon Day. It was hot and crowded but a blast. My kids were so much braver than the last time we went. The boys and Jenna loved the rides they could go on and Rylee loved the roller coasters. She went on some of the big crazy ones and loved it! I will post some pictures of Lagoon soon. So, you can see so far we have had a fun summer and it is only beginning.

Great Teachers!

Friday was the last day of school and there were definitely mixed feelings on my part as well as the kids. A couple weeks ago I was not looking forward to summer but by the last week was excited. The kids all had great teachers this year. Noah had Mrs. Christensen, Cole had Mrs.Dearden, and Rylee had Mrs. Morton. Each one of them helped each child so much. They all have learned and grown soooooo much this past year. They were excited for summer but sad to leave their teachers and friends for awhile.