Monday, April 28, 2008


This morning I took my final for my physiology class. It felt so good to have it over and done. I feel pretty good about it so that is even better. Now I have a break from school for a couple weeks and this summer I am only taking 1 class online so it will be a little less stress and time. That is good since I am working again. It has been so crazy trying to juggle school, work, the kids, motherly duties, etc. Luckily Mike has been a big help! I am hoping now that school is done it will calm down at least some.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Only in Utah...

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL spring day here in Utah, sunny and 81 degrees. It was a little windy, but so warm. I went to work at 10pm and as I walked into the hospital I could not believe how nice it still was. Then as I walked out of the hospital this morning about 7am I could not believe how much cooler it was then when I had gone in. I came home and slept for a few hours and woke up to snow. Yes, I said SNOW! Only in Utah can you go from a summer feeling day to a winter day in les than 24 hours. I guess the good thing is we know it won't last long and we could even be back up to 80 the next few days.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ry on the Bars

Ry loves the bars and today she got an 8.150 which was not too bad for the first time. I loved watching her, now you can watch too...

Ry on the Beam

Beam is Ry's least favorite. She has had a really tough time being consistent landing her cartwheel. She was soooooooo nervous about it today and she did it! She landed the cartwheel and did great! Her score was an 8.4 because she did a couple of the wrong jumps, but overall GREAT! Check her out for yourself...

First, Second, Third, and Fifth!

Rylee had her first gymnastics meet today! It was an exciting experience. I had butterflies in my stomach, but I know they were no where near the amount Ry had in hers. She looked so good in her fancy competition leotard and warm ups (she better for how much they cost) and she did awesome! She took second for floor, third for vault, fifth for bars and beam. She also got third all around and her team got third overall for their level. So she ended up with 4 ribbons,a medal, and a trophy. It was so much fun watching her and seeing all the time and effort pay off.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

New Hair

Yesterday Jenna and I went and got our hair done. Jenna has been whining everytime I do her hair. When I asked her if she wanted to get it cut she said yeah like Mara's (her cousin that live's in Vegas and recently cut her hair too). So that's what we did, and it is so cute. I only had an inch cut off and a good thinning out (I have so much hair) as well as some new color. I have liked the red so I did more red and had her do a little blonde for something new.

Friday, April 04, 2008

My Girls are Growing Up

Yesterday I had the privilege of going to the 5th grade maturation program with Ry. I cannot believe my oldest is 11 and going to maturation, I can still remember going to my own maturation progam (wasn't that just a few months ago).
Then today I took my baby to register for kindergarten. I really can't believe Jenna is almost 5 and will be going to school next year. Where has the time gone?
Although a part of me is a little sad about these changes, most of me is excited to see them grow and change. They are both wonderful daughters! and it is fun experiencing exciting new adventures with them. I would not trade my girls for anything!

My Week, My Life

This has definitely been an "interesting" week, a sign of things to come I guess. I had to work 4 of the last 5 days as well as 3 days of school including a test today. I also had PTA responsibilities to take care of as well as the normal mom duties. I am TIRED! but I survived (thanks to help from family and friends). I am thinking the next 3 years will be somewhat crazy, but worth it in the end. Somedays I am not so sure, but most of the time I know I am doing what I am suppose to be right now in my life. I keep reminding myself to be grateful for my trials as well as all the little blessings in my life each day.