Friday, March 31, 2006

The Tree

Last weekend the kids & I went to Liberty Park and the Tracy Aviary. It was fun! The weather was nice, just a little windy. When we tried to leave this is what we found blocking the only exit from the parking lot we were in. This old tree was so dead and dry that the wind blew it right over. My boys thought it was so cool (of course). Luckily there was a dip in one part of the sidewalk we could drive over so we didn't have to wait hours for them to clear the tree.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Our Favorite Skater

In September Mike went out to CA to skate with some friends. This is my favorite picture. I had it blown up and framed for Mike for Christmas. He's pretty good, eh?

Mike's Dream Come True

As most of you know Mike love's skateboarding. A few years ago he started talking about building a bowl in the backyard. Then we started building a new deck and one day I came home and Mike had a backhoe here. I asked him what it was for and he said if he was going to dig a hole for his bowl he had to do it then before the deck went in. So he started digging and now we have a huge 10 1/2 foot deep cement bowl in the backyard. It is still not all the way finished and the yard still needs some cleaning up. Anyway, here are a few shot of the bowl. Lastnight the Bountiful City Council came to see it and find out a little more about who built it as they are planning on building a skatepark near the new rec center. Mike is trying to get them to use his friend, Sage (& his crew from Dreamland) who helped Mike build his, to do the city park. Most people hear about the bowl and then can't believe it when they see it in person. It is fun to watch Mike and his buddies skate, I wish I was able to watch him more often.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Crazy Boys!

Here are Cole and Noah who just turned 7. They are in 1st grade this year, which I of course love. They are into The Justice League right now. That is all they wanted for their birthday, Justice League figures, and everyone made them real happy by obliging. Here they are together with the octopus at the aquarium, their new favorite place (we recently got a membership). That is Noah being crazy as usual, in part of his superman costume. And this is Cole with Jenna at his Valentine party at school. They are in different classes as I requested. I was worried about them being a discipline problem if they were together. They are in swimming lessons together and can be a little disruptive. They are best friends or worst enemies depending on the moment. Both are doing well in school and enjoy it. They are soooooo crazy and soooo much fun (most of the time).

Best Friends!

Here are my 2 little "best friends". Jenna loves having her nails done, but only by Rylee. Aren't they so cute!?!


Rylee has wanted to get her ears pierced for awhile now. She finally talked us into it, but she had to earn it. Anyway, she had it done on Feb.3rd, the day after her 9th birthday. I can't believe she is 9. Where has the time gone? She is in the 3rd grade and a social butterfly, always wanting to play with this friend or that friend. She just finished her first season of Jr. Jazz basketball, which she enjoyed even though they didn't win 1 game. She also takes piano lessons and gymnastics. She has wanted to take gymnastics for a long time now and I almosted signed her up in the fall, but luckily I waited because she broke her wrist doing a cherry drop off the bar at a playground. She is all healed now and loves her gymnastics class each week. She is the most flexible person I know. She is definilty built for it, she still only weighs 53 pounds. She is a big help to me with Jenna. They share a rooom and Rylee is usually really good about letting Jenna hang out with her friends and her. Jenna loves having Rylee paint her nails and recently when Rylee had just finished giving her a manicure she told Ry, "You are my best friend." It was so sweet.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The Fam

Here we are enjoying one of our favorite family activities, hiking. This was taken at Snowbird last August, but we are looking forward to spring and warmer weather so we can start getting outside again.