Sunday, July 23, 2006


Lastnight Mike & I went to dinner at Applebees in Bountiful. As we were leaving we noticed this car in a nearby parking lot. We went home and Mike picked up the boys to take them to go see it. When they got there the lady driving it was just getting to her (well her husband's) car. She asked the boys if they would like to sit in the car. Of course they jumped at the oppurtunity. They had to wait patiently while she tried to figure out how to open the doors. After a few minutes she had to call her husband to ask and then the boys were finally able to get in. They were sooooooo excited when they came home and told me!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Parade & Fireworks

Shannon (mike's sister's daughter), Jenna, & Rylee watching the fireworks.

Cole, Mike, & Noah enjoying all the cool cars in the parade! The boys are so into cars right now and what kind they are and what year they were made, etc. Everywhere we go they point out cars to me or ask me if I know what kind they are.

Rylee, Shannon, Cole, Noah, Jenna, Ava(she lives in our basement with her mom Julie), Julie, & Becca (julie's sister)

In Utah July 24th is a big holiday, Pioneer Day. They have a big parade in Salt Lake on the 24th and Bountiful usually does their parade the day before. Since that falls on Sunday this year they had it lastnight (21st). We go every year with Mike's family. Lastnight before the parade started one of the MC's was playing games with the kids,etc for prizes. They were playing Simon Says and I think it was lasting too long. All of a sudden we heard the guy say he had a prize for anyone who had a mohawk (our kids were right there in front playing the games with eveyrone else) and then he said something about the 2 kids who had mohawks and wanted to know who their barber was. The boys were so excited they each got a 10 pack of "Hot Wheels". Then Rylee came over and showed she us she had won a Disney CD. Then she went back over to where they were giving prizes. They had kids singing songs to get prizes and we heard someone singing YMCA and Mike & I both said that kind of sounds like Ry. Well, it was and she got an Eyeore figure. She was so excited because Eyeore is her best friend Daisy's favorite and it says something about friends on it so she gave it to Daisy.
Anyway, the parade was fun, it was just really hot! We went to Mike's sister's after the parade to BBQ and then watch fireworks. The kids all had a great time!

Friday, July 21, 2006


The boys have been saying for a few days that they wanted haircuts, mohawks more specifically(sp?). I went to Enrichment Meeting the other night and came home to find them like this. They were so excited! I think Mike would have joined them if hadn't just shaved his entire head.

Kids Meeting!

Besides swimming the other option for keeping cool is playing inside. Sometimes it is hard because the kids want ot play outside so bad, but it is just too hot. One thing they like to do is have what they call Kids Meetings. Rylee is in charge and they do different activities for set amounts of time. (they use a timer to keep track) This is how they set up in my living room with all their supplies to keep them busy. They read, draw, play games, dance, make up little plays, etc... They are all so creative and I love listening to what they come up with.

Hot Weather

Eliza (my sister Leah's daughter) and Rylee

Cole, Noah, & Jenna

Jenna having a little snack!

So the last week or so here has been HOT! 100 + almost everyday. Needless to say we have been making good use of our Cherry Hill passes. Lastnight we went swimming in West Valley with my cousins, my siblings, and everyone's kids. It was a lot of fun! My cousin Nick, his wife Nicky, and there cute kids; Caden and Brooklyn were in town. It was good to see them, they live in Kansas so we don't see them often. We also got to see my cousin Kara's week old son, Miles. It is always nice to spend time with family because it seems those times are few and far between with the busy lives we all lead. Thanks Aunt Karen!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cherry Hill

Mike & Cole were playing catch with the water balls.

Jenna not looking too happy, I think she was a little cold.

Rylee & Noah in the lazy river.

Monday afternoon we went to Cherry Hill. It was more crowded than normal, but it was still fun! Leah and her kids and Griffin and Spencer were there too.

Delozier Family Dinner

My youngest brother, Griffin, recently graduated from High School and decided to move to SLC. So he arrived on Saturday (leaving my parents as true empty nesters for the first time in their life). Sunday we all got together for dinner at our house. It was Mike & I and our 4 kids, Leah & Nate and their 3 kids, Krista and her friend Kimberly, Devin & Karissa and their friends Bridgette and Evan, and Griffin and his friend Spencer who drove out from NC with him. The only ones missing besides mom and dad were Sara and Nate and their 2 kids who live in Las Vegas and of course Brandon. It was fun to all be together but we missed those that were not here with us. We are really looking forward to October when we will all be together in the same place a t the same time. Anyway, Griffin, as usuall, entertained us all with his lip syncing and rapping and the kids had a great time beating him up.

Silver Lake

On Saturday we went on a family hike to our favorite hiking spot, Silver Lake, at Brighton ski resort. I think the favorite thing this time was feeding the ducks. There were a whole bunch of ducklings that were so cute and the kids loved throwing them bread and watching them swim around. Rylee loves to climb and the boys followed her up this big rock. Luckily Mike was there to help them down. It was so beautiful up there and a little cooler than home.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Our Little Drunk

Jenna getting some laughing gas

Jenna finally fell asleep as they fixed the last tooth

Jenna feeling wierd after the medicine I gave her.

Thursday morning Jenna got to go to the dentist and get her 5 cavities fixed. I had picked up her prescription the day before and gave it to her 1/2 before her scheduled appointment. Within 10 minutes she was stumbling and feeling weird. On the way to the dentist she kept yelling at me about things: "Mom, you're going the wrong way," Turn off the air I'm cold," "Turn the air on!" Then we got there and she wanted to play with the toys in the waiting room but she kept trying to stand up and kept falling over. They took us back and she got in the little chair and got the headphones. Then they gave her the gas and she fought going to sleep the whole time. When they numbed her mouth she kept pulling on her lips and was so confused. Even though she wouldn't sleep she was really good, holing still and being patient. She started crying and pulling on things as they fixed the last tooth, the dentist reassured her and Jenna finallly fell asleep as they finished up. She slept for almost 3 hours. When she woke up she kept pulling on her mouth. It was still felt a little weird to her. Anyway, she survived and we got a good laugh.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Children's Museum

Jenna adding milk to her shopping cart at the little grocery store.

Cole driving a delivery truck.

Noah riding a cow, I don't know why?

Rylee on the climbing wall.

Today we went to the Children's Musuem for our neighborhood playgroup. It was a lot of fun. It has been years since I have been there. They are closing in August to relocate to a brand new building at the Gateway. It shoudh be really nice.

4th of July

Jenna with her sparkler, she enjoyed them more this year than last.

Stone, Rylee, & Daisy watching a cool fountain (legal).

Daddy & Jenna focused on the fireworks.

Cherry Hill

The kids (Jenna, Rylee, Noah, & Cole) having fun at the waterpark!

Catch up...

Well, it has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted anything...SORRY! It has been a busy 2 weeks so I will try to catch you all up on what we have been up to. We have been to Cherry Hill a few times, always fun! We have seen a few movies: Nacho Libre (Mike & I), funny! If you like Jack Black you will enjoy it. It was nice and clean, which was a bonus. Ice Age 2 (the kids & I) at the dollar theater. It was pretty good, the kids enjoyed it. Cars (the kids & I), really fun enjoyable movie. Let's see what else have we been up to. Oh, I took Jenna to the pediatric dentist and she actually has 5 cavities that she is going to have fixed tomorrow. I picked up a couple prescriptions that I have to give her before her appointment to make her loopy so she will hopefully not remember and hold still to get it all done. I 'll let you know how it goes. Monday night (July 3rd) is a big night here in North Salt Lake, the city does a big fireworks show. We use to go to Mike's parents house and BBQ and watch fireworks from their front lawn. Since they have moved they reserved a pavilion at a park where we could all get together and eat and watch. It was fun. The kids road bikes and scooters, hiked the little nature trails, and played on the playground. On the 4th we stayed home and did some fireworks in the road with some of the neighbors. Mike was letting off bottle rockets and he shot off a BIG one he had right as the sherriff was coming up the street. Needless to say his other illegal fireworks were confistcated. Oh, well. We had plenty of others. Anyway, it has been a busy fun summer that is flying by.