Monday, October 27, 2008

Our Sport Filled Saturday...

started about 9 a.m. at my nephew, Taylor's football game. We headed hom for a few a little but and then back to the football field for my other nephew, McKay's game. After his game my cousins son had a game at the same football field so we were able to watch him too. It was fun to hang out with family and enjoy a beautiful fall Saturday outside. That afternoon we headed to Rylee's next gymnastics competition. She did better on most of her events, but had some toughter competition so didn't place as high, but still came home with 4 medals and a trophy. We tried a new hairstyle and it turned out cute, but started to fall out during her meet, even after all the gel and hairspray...Any good suggestions?!?! Her and a friend made the sign and her cousins and siblings signed it and held it up during her meet. Thanks for all the support! and the fun day!

My Boys...

are so funny! They are so boyish in some ways and in other ways not so much. They love bugs, legos, cars, Star Wars, burping, tooting, etc. But they are not real into sports which is ok with me. They love playing outside and getting dirty. They say the funniest and sometimes bizarre things, it makes me laugh. They are best friends and worst enemies. I love that they stick together!

This is the leaf bug they found, named, and played with for hours.

This is the boys with their best friend, K. He is a good fun kid.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Midnight Movie

Lastnight/this morning my sister, Leah, and I took our girls (Rylee & Eliza) along with some friends to see HSM3 (aka High School Musical 3) at midnight. Yes, midnight!
The girls have been looking forward to it for a few weeks and I don't think they were disappointed at all. They loved the movie, stayed awake (thanks to Cherry Cokes and Mountain Dews), and had a blast!!! Leah & I enjoyed it as well!

Leah & I all ready in our comfy midnight movies clothes with our

popcorn and cherry cokes.

Rylee with her big Cherry Coke.

The Girls anxiously waiting for the movie to start!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

4 Eyes...

Noah has joined the ranks of 4 eyes. Now more than 1/2 our family has glasses and/or contacts. Cole pointed out yesterday that he and Jenna are the only ones without glasses and that they are both left handed too. Hmmmm, maybe there is a connection or maybe their eyes are just slow at going bad. We'll have to wait and see about that. Anyway, I think Noah looks great with his glasses. I told him they look so good and natural that I hardly even notice he has them on. One bonus to Noah having glasses is the fact that it will make it easier for some people to tell the boys apart.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I Made It!!!!

I got the long awaited phone call today...I got into the nursing program at SLCC that starts in January! It is the program through IHC (my employer) so they pay for everything! I don't know all the details yet but do know that the next 2 years of my life will be crazy, busy, exciting, stressful, fun, etc... and I cannot wait!

Friday, October 17, 2008

3 Years Ago Today...

my brother Brandon lost his battle with cancer. I miss him so much, I still think about calling him to tell him stuff and have even picked up the phone to do so before remembering he won't answer. I have been more emotional the last couple weeks and lots of little things keep reminding me of him. I have found myself crying for no apparent reason at the oddest times. My kids probably think I'm a little crazy. They miss him too. They miss their cousin, Kaienta, too. And they miss Aunt Ann. I am grateful to have been lucky enough to have B in my life. I am grateful for his cute family and his friends. I am grateful for wonderful loving parents who have taught me the truth. I know someday I will be reunited with my big brother. I look forward to the day I feel his arms around me again. I look forward to our whole family laughing together.
I love and miss you B!

Here B is with his daughter, Kaienta, and my boys. He was a great dad and uncle.

I love this picture of B playing bball with Griffin (my little bro). B was a great bball player and a great big brother.

This pic was on taken on the 4th of July, he was always helping and doing things for the kids.

This is one of the last pics I have of me with B, not sure why we didn't take more. This was in Wyoming at his house just after he was diagnosed. I remember this weekend and remember wondering what lay ahead for B and our family...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mike's Morning...

started early and this was his view when he got to the pond:

Then after a couple hours of no luck he finally got lucky and caught a decent fish:

He even brought it home to eat (the first one worth bringing home all summer). He called his friend to come over and clean and gut it for him (I don't know if he wanted Tom to show him how or he jsut can't handle the blood and guts) and Mike is going to cook it and eat it himself (I don't like fish-the guts or to eat).

The Favorite Field Trip To...

I was lucky enough to go with Jenna's kindergarten class this moring and it was a lot of fun! The fire station is only a couple blocks from the school so we walked down, thank goodness it was a nice morning. We watched a cute video about fire safety and then the kids got to tour the firehouse and all the fire vehicles. They climbed in the ambulance, checked out the hoses on the fire engine, and tried on some of the firefighters equipment. They all loved it!

Jenna, my little firefighter!

Jenna's class

Jenna and her little friend walking back to school.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rylee's Winning Floor Routine

A New Season Begins...

Rylee had her first gymnastics meet of the season today and she did great! They moved her up to level 6 after the spring and she has been working very hard to learn her new routines. Luckily they are only a little different; a few advanced skills. She seemed to score a little low on most events which concerned me. Her new coach (who is awesome! and works them so hard and is very encouraging and supportive) talked to the judges and found out exactly what she got deductions for so now they can work on those things and Ry can continue to improve. Even with disappointing scores she was the best gymnast there! I am not just saying that because I am her mom, 2 other individuals at the meet (who we don't know) mad similar comments to me about Ry. She placed 2nd for vault & bars and 1st for beam & floor. She also got the gold medal for all around score! The picture is of her on the poduim getting her medal.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

My kiddos

I wish I would have just taken a picture of my kiddos leaving for school. The 4 of them walking together in a little group with their backpacks on talking about something (probably a bug) they found outside. Rylee leading the way, Jenna yelling back "mom, I love you!", and the boys so involved in their conversation that no one else seems to be there but each other. I am so blessed with 4 wonderful, beautiful kids. I have been feeling like a lousy mom lately and have been yelling more than normal and just feeling really frustrated. This morning I made it through the entire morning and getting ready for school routine without out yelling once. They got up did what they were suppose to and helped each other get stuff done. I love my kids and want the best for them, I just hope and pray I can give it to them.