Monday, August 22, 2011

Day of Firsts

First day of school for the year (for all 4 of my kiddos)
First day of Seminary (for Rylee)
First day of Jr. High (for Cole and Noah)
First time with 3 kids in Jr. High

First time walking into Jr. High with her brothers
First time walking into Jr. High for 2 boys

First day of 3rd grade (for Jenna)
First time being at elementary school by her self

First time walking to school with no siblings
First time using a new backpack and matching lunchbox

First time at her new desk

They all survived the day of firsts!!!

Beautiful Baby

My cousin, Colby, and his wife, Corinne, had their first child last week. A beautiful baby girl, Amelia. We got to go yesterday and meet her, the kids were in heaven, especially Jenna. She still talks about having a baby sister all the time. I told her she will just have to play with Amelia and as soon as she is old enough she can babysit her. It was so fun to see Colby and Corinne too. They are going to be amazing parents! Congratulations!!!

See...pure joy in Jenna's face:

Rylee & Amelia

Cole & Amelia:

Noah & Amelia:

See how beautiful and sweet she is?!?! She seems very good natured as well. I couldn't tell who she looked more like so maybe she is a good mix of her parents. I love the blonde hair!

Horseback Riding

For Christmas this last year my parents gave each of the kids a "coupon" to use to go somewhere or do something with Grandma and/or Grandpa. I loved this because they really don't need more stuff and it gives them special memories with Grandpa and Grandma. Jenna had decided she wanted to go horseback riding with Grandma. My mom was excited because that is something she loves to do! We decided to meet my mom in Park City on the way home from Bear River Lodge so that Jenna could go before school started. Then Rylee decided she wanted to do the same thing. Then Jenna was a little nervous and wanted me to come too. So the girls and I met my mom at McDonalds (that is where the girls wanted to eat) and then headed to the stables in Deer Valley. We got there and Jenna looked really nervous until she got on her horse, Bo. Then she was all smiles. Rylee's horse was an appaloosa named Romeo. We headed out from the stables right up the side of the mountain. It was so beautiful and neat! Luckily I was at the back of the line so I could get some pictures.

She LOVED it!

Ry had a great time too!

We were going right through the trees, up and down the mountain. So cool!

This is the view from the top of the trail, looking east (I think) from Deer Valley at Jordanelle.
It was so incredible!!!

The Drive Home

The drive alone Mirror Lake Highway is amazing! So beautiful, with so much to see. We stopped at a few spots to check out the scenery and do a bit of hiking.

This is the view from Hayden Peak, it's at 10,700 feet above sea level. Just behind us was some snow up on the mountain which surprised the kids, but that's what happens that high up.

We stopped at Provo River Falls again per the kids request. They loved climbing up the rocks and playing in the waterfall. Here is Mike and Jenna checking it all out. They could see a big fish in the water. After they hiked up further, a girl got in the water and caught the fish with her bare hands.


Rylee looking graceful as she jumps from rock to rock.

Noah trying to scare me...the drop below him was about 20 feet with nothing but rocks below.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Heading Out

We started the trip with a crazy picture of the kids, so we had to end with one too.


That evening Mike and the boys fished at the pond. They had already been fishing at the river, but wanted to try their luck at the stocked pond.

Noah really likes fishing.

Cole gets frustrated a little easier. He kept losing his worms when
he got good nibbles, but never caught a fish.

Mike caught 5 fish and lost 2 different lures when 2 different big fish broke his line.

Jenna didn't want to fish this time. She was happy watching.

This is a view of the sunset from the river on the other side of the pond. It was so beautiful!


After riding ATV's all day, then swimming everyone was pretty tired. I think Shannon was the most tired. She fell asleep with her towel on her head right on the couch in the middle of all the noise.

Noah relaxed by watching (Good Burger) a movie and having a snack.

Cole watched the movie too.

I couldn't tell if Wendy's eyes were opened or closed.

Ry was out as well.

Cooling off after ATVing

We were all so hot and dirty so we headed to the pool to cool off.

David & Alicia and Shannon

Rylee & Shannon

All the girls jumping in...Alicia said lets all jump in together then she didn't jump, she left instead.

Rylee showing off by doing an aerial off the side.

Mike couldn't let Rylee show him up, so he tried an aerial too. His was definitely not as pretty as Ry's. I didn't realized how close he came to hitting his head until I saw this picture later. So glad he didn't hit...that would have put a real damper on the trip.

More ATV pictures

Mike and our girls

My brother in law, Mike, with Shannon.

After we road for a couple hours we went back to the cabin and made sandwiches and loaded up the cooler and headed back out. We rode to this lake and had lunch.

Eating lunch

We were all filthy by the end of the day...
Can you see the dirt all around her face and even on the collar of her shirt?

More ATV pictures

This is the view from one of the was breathtaking.
The sky was so blue and you could see for what seemed like miles.

Carol hanging on for dear life!

Driving through the river and creeks was the funnest part.

Mike and Noah

Jenna & I

Bear River Lodge 3

On Thursday we had rented 4 ATV's for the day. We had a 6 man, a 4 man, a 2 man side by side, and a 2 man front to back. They have over 300 miles of ATV trails that start right near the cabins. It was so much fun!!!

Jenna wasn't too happy about having to wear the helmet at first, but once we started riding she was having so much fun that she forgot about the helmet.

Shannon was excited and ready to get going!

Alicia and Rylee were excited too. They are both pretty daring so I was kind of scared. I had to remind Alicia that she had precious cargo with her.

Noah got to start out riding with David.

Wendy had Cole in the front and her mom, Carol, in the back. I think Carol was pretty nervous.