Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Little League

Cole playing/daydreaming in the outfield

Noah at bat

Mike at 9 years old, making a play

Mike at 8 years old, playing/daydreaming in the outfield

Tonight was Cole & Noah's first little league game. They lost, but had fun playing. Their team is the Cubs. They play machine pitch, which is a little scary to them, the ball comes pretty fast. A lot faster than when dad pitches to them. Baseball was the only sport Mike played growing up, until he discovered skateboarding. He was a great baseball player! It was so funny to watch the boys today as they didn't really know what to do yet. Mike's mom said there will be a huge difference in them from the beginning of the season to the end, I sure hope so. I thought it was interesting to see the difference in Mike in one years time in these 2 pictures.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Five For Fighting!!!!!

Lastnight I went to an incredible concert, Five For Fighting! I got tickets a couple months ago for myself and my friend Rachel (who introduced me to them) and Karissa, my sister-in-law. They both have bdays in March and I got them tickets for their bdays! We went to dinner at Blue Iguana (yummy!!!! mexican food) and the show was at The Depot, a fairly new club at the Gateway. The opening act was Chantal Kreviazuk! I had never heard of her, but was very impressed! She is a songwriter, piano player, and has a beautiful voice. I liked her so much I had to buy one of her cd's. Five Fighting was a lot of fun! A smaller venue is nice, more intimate and he told stories behind the songs and was really funny too. I am in awe of performers who play the piano and sing simultaneously!

Friday, April 20, 2007


I started my training on Tuesday and really liked it. I liked the people and the job. I also like the fact that it is the kind of job where you can leave your work at work. I debated with myself about going to the other interview and finally decided to stick with the job I have. I felt good about the decision. I did more training on Thursday and know I made the right choice for me right now. I registered for my classes and am officially a college student again. I am only taking 2 classes but it is going to be a crazy summer.
The boys started cub scouts this last month and lastnight they did their first flag ceremony. They did great: Noah carried the flag in and Cole called the color guard in and led us in the pledge. It was fun to see them participating and trying something new. They were botha little leary about scouts but have loved the few times they have been.
Rylee had a little accident at gymnastics lastnight. She had a good fall off the balance beam. Her coach said she got right back upand luckily her pincky toe is all that was damaged. It is all swollen and black and blue but she is tough!
Jenna has had to adjust to having a working mom (luckily training will be the only time I will be working during the day) this week and seems to be ok. She has been a little more whiny but not too bad. Today her and I went to her gymnastics and then to the new rec center. She goes to the daycare there while I work out and then we go swimming, just the 2 of us. This has become our Friday ritual lately. I am not sure who enjoys it more, Jenna or me.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Crazy Hair Day!

Most of you know Cole has been growing his hair out for months now. Noah has had a few haircuts, but Cole keeps saying he wants to grow his out until the end of school and then get a mohawk. Well, last week he started asking to get his haircut. I think it was making him hot when he would play outside. We kept telling him to wait a little longer.Then on Friday he brought home a flyer from school about spirit week. Each day this week they have a different theme. Today was "Mismatched/Backward Day" and tomorrow is "Crazy Hair Day/Hat Day". So Mike cut Cole's hair tonight. We will see how long the mohawk lasts.

Our Busy Life

Today I had my new employee orientation and tomorrow I start training for my new job. Last week I got a call about another job I had applied for awhile back. I am going to interview on Wed. night. It is another on call position but it is at Primary Children's Hospital and would be much more hands on which I would love. I figure the more I can learn from experience the better. I am hoping it works out but if not I still have my job at dispatch which will be good too. Last week I went to my new student orientation at Salt Lake Community College and tomorrow night at midnight I can enroll for classes. The semester starts on May 14. I am realizing that my life is changing all at once and it is so exciting and so scary and I hope I can make it all work. I know I can it is just going to be a matter of getting use to everything all at the same time. It will definitely be a crazy summer. I just have to make sure I have time for work, school, studying, and my kids and Mike. That list should be reversed, the kids and Mike come first. I am going to have to be more organized, I guess it's a good thing I went back to a Franklin Planner this year.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sping Break & Easter

This last week was spring break for the kids. We had thought about going somewhere but Mike has so much work right now (I am not complaining, very grateful for that) we decided to stay home. One day the kids and I went hiking with some friends to City Creek Canyon. It was perfect weather, cool but not cold. One day we took the kids to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point. We saw a 3D movie there about sharks, whick was really cool. Then we explored all the exhibits. I think the kids favorites were the hands on where you can "build your own dinosaur" and "find fossils". Friday night we all went to Training Table (one of our favorites!) for dinner and to see Night at the Museum at the dollar theater. It was a really good movie, we all enjoyed it. Yesterday we went to an Easter Egg Dash at the local park here. Jenna was very sad she only got 2 eggs while she saw other kids with their baskets full. I couldn't believe parents "pushing" kids so their kids could get more. Anyway, she got over it because she got to do another egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's later in the day where she got tons of eggs! Today Rylee taught us an Easter lesson for Family Night all about the real reason for Easter: our Savior and His Resurrection. It has been a good week, but I am glad the kids go back to school tomorrow.

Jenna at the 3D movie
The kids at the museum, sorry it's not a great pic, but it was the only one with all 4 of them
The kids after the Easter Egg Dash!
The kids before church this morning in their new Easter clothes.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I had my interview on Tuesday and felt really good about it. They said they would let me know by next week but I got a call the next day offering me the job. I will be working as a dispatcher, dispatching all non medical calls from hospitals and instacares. Right now it is an oncall position with 1 scheduled shift a week. They said if a benefited part time spot becomes available I can take that. So for now no benefits but it will be nice to only work a little each week to get back into the swing of working. So today I have to go take a drug test and get a couple shots. I am really excited! I think it will be a great job for me and I can even study and stuff when it is not busy, which will be great since school starts the middle of May. A lot of changes in my life right now, but I am so excited to get started on the road to becoming a nurse! ( I have put it off long enough, it is time! )