Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheer Camp Part 3

They spend the week learning about all aspects of cheerleading, from stunting to cheering to dancing to tumbling. They learn a cheer and a dance that they work on and try to perfect, then perform the last morning of camp. So it's fun for us to get to go watch them compete again.

Here is Ry with some of her team

Here she is with her entire team and 2 coaches. They were waiting for the competition to start and playing their favorite game: the snorting game. They try to get each other to laugh by snorting at each other. If you show your teeth when you smile or laugh you are out. It's pretty dumb, but pretty funny to watch.

Here is Ry with her stunting group. She has been having some pain in her wrists and the first day of camp it was so bad she was crying. Her and another girl switched spots, so now Ry is the back spot instead of a base and no more wrist pain.

Here they are at the end of the routine in their final stunt...they were AWESOME!!!

Cheer Camp Part 2

The first night of camp they always perform their pom routine. They had been practicing extra hard this year and it paid off: they were AWESOME!!! Their routine was fun and so clean and precise! They enjoyed it too, you could see it on all their faces as they danced. They found out at the end of the week that they took 1st place for their routine, way to go SDJH Cheer!!!

Here they are performing.

Ry, striking a pose! I love their uniforms! The black looks really sharp!

We were even lucky enough to check out their dorms this year. Rylee was in this room with 3 other girls. One of the best parts of camp is the getting to know each other and bonding that happens since they are all (14 cheerleaders and 2 coaches) together 24 hours a day for the few days they are there. It seems to set the tone for the whole year.

Their team motto this year is TEAM: Together Everyone Adds Magic! Love it!!!

Cheer Camp Part 1

The whole team met at the school to take pictures and carpool to the University of Utah. They looked so cute and you could feel the excitement in the air.

Here is Ry with Jackie and Anna, 2 of her best friends!

Here is the team in their end pose of the pom routine they had been working very hard on and would perform that night.

I LOVE this picture of the group hug...look at all those cute smiling girls!

Here they are showing off their cute pom bags. I love their socks too! All their uniforms and outfits are awesome this year!!!

4th of July

Where we live the big celebration is usually on the 3rd, but since that fell on Sunday this year, it was on Saturday July 2nd. Mike & Jenna were in Idaho camping, fishing, and skateboarding. I ran in a girls only mud race that morning. That was fun! That night the boys, Rylee, and I joined some of our friends up at the golf course to hang out and watch fireworks. It was a beautiful night!
I had to work on the 4th of July and I work on the 14th floor so we had a great view for fireworks. Murray City Park is right across the street from the hospital so it was amazing to watch big fireworks so close and from so high up. We could actually see fireworks all across the east side of the valley from as far north and as far south as we could see...Incredible and SO beautiful! I watched with one of my cute patients, she was so excited and wanted me to be sure to wake her up if she fell asleep before they started. We turned her bed so she could she better and sat and watched with her. The expression on her face was priceless!

Roy Aquatic Center

While the boys were gone, the girls and I and my little brother, Griffin, tried out a new swimming hole: the Roy Aquatic Center. It is all outdoors and awesome! They have a splash pad area with water about 1 foot deep for little, little ones. They have an area that slopes from a few inches to a few feet with some slides and a play area for the little ones. Then they have a pool with a diving board and a high dive and another area with these 2 big slides:

Jenna & I tried the twisty one first and it was SO slooooowwww. Later we tried the tall one and it was SO fast!!! It took some convincing to get Jenna to go, then after the first time down she was screaming "Let's do it again!"

Here is a picture of Rylee doing a jump off the high dive.

And Griffin attempting a flip off the high dive.

Too Long...Too Busy...

I knew it had been awhile since I blogged, but didn't realized it had been almost a full month. I guess when you are busy working and/or having fun time passes too quickly...I will try to update but it may take a few days just to catch up.

So, my boys survived Scout camp, actually they loved it! Noah took his camera but forgot to take any pictures, so all I have is the excitement in their voices and on their faces as they told me all about it to know they really enjoyed themselves. They were nice and dirty after 5 days of playing, sleeping, and basically living in the great outdoors with no shower. I didn't even have to tell them to get in the shower...that was the first place they headed. The house was a little noisier once they rejoined us, but only for a week or so, then Rylee left for cheer camp. I think just having her gone made the house as quiet as having both the boys gone....