Monday, June 25, 2007

Wheeler Farm

Rylee taking her turn milking the cow.
Jenna milking the cow, she wasn't even scared, she just grabbed on and starting milking.

The boys petting one of the calves we saw, it kept trying to eat their shirts.

Our next playgroup was at Wheeler Farm and it was sooooo hot! Last year when we went to Wheeler Farm it rained the whole time and we had to hang out in a barn. This year was more fun despite the heat! We walked around to see all the animals including 2 calves that were so sweet. Then the kids got to take turns milking a cow and they all did it! Then we went on the tractor pulled wagon ride and then ate our lunch at the park. It was a lot of fun!

Lagoon Walk

The first playgroup we did this year was the Lagoon Walk which is a little paved path that goes behind Lagoon amusement park. You can even see some of the animals from their train ride. In fact we saw a baby buffalo that the kids all got a kick out of. There are lots of trees along the trail so it is nice and shadey and really pretty. The kids all brought their scooters to ride. Jenna was done riding hers after a couple minutes and I ended up carrying it most of the way.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I know it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted, sorry! Life has been crazy busy! It has slowed down a little the last few days but I am finally sitting down to update. I am so excited because I am sitting in my bed blogging. I finally bought a laptop. I have been thinking about it & looking for awhile and finally went the other day and got one. I am still trying to transfer files over and figure out how to use windows vista, but i love being able to get online from anywhere in the house. I am looking forward to sitting on the deck (when it is not so hot) and being online, I love technology!
Well, I guess I should catch you all up to what we have been up to. I think I'll start with today and work my way back: Today we found out that my parents got the house they wanted in East Layton and will be here around July 23rd, YEAH!!!!! Can't wait to have them close! Mike & the boys went to the MillerMotor Sportspark tonight to watch some superbike races (thanks to Mike's nephew inlaw for the tickets!!!). The girls & I went to dinner and did a little shopping. Lastnight we all went to dinner at one of our favorite places, Olive Garden. Then we went to see the new movie, Evan Almighty. It didn't get the best reviews, but we really liked it. It was good, clean, funny, etc. On Thursday night the boys had pac meeting and revieved their first awards, their bobcats. Rylee started level 5/team in gymnastics this week. She now goes 4 days a week for 3 hours a day. It is a lot, but we are giving it a shot to see how it goes. They work them a lot harder, we told her that is so she is stronger and will get a lot better quicker. The first night she came home and ate a big bowl of chicken noodle soup and 2 peanut butter sandwiches. The kids have been going to their rec classes and summer school. They like the fact that they get to walk to grandma's a couple days a week to play with legos and hang out at her house. I got done early with school one day and when I got to Mike's parents the older kids were still at school and Jenna was helping Carol water her flowers. Carol said Jenna has been helping her do that each day when she is their by herself. Tonight I took the girls to the dollar store and let them pick 1 thing out and Jenna picked out a little plastic watering can. She is so excited to take it to Grandma's. She also said she is going to use it to help daddy water the tomatos. Mike has been really busy, which is great, but sometimes it is hard when he is not around as much. But he has been around in the morning when I am gone to get the kids off and going. He has been a huge help for me with school and stuff. Thanks Mike! I have just been busy studying and working. Last week I got to go to dinner one night with some friends for a friends bday, it was soooo much fun! That is pretty much what we have been up to. The only other thing I can think of is our Wednesday neighborhood playgroup. Luckily I am in charge of it so I planned it for Wed. since I have no class that day. Last week we went on a little paved hike behing Lagoon and this week we went to Wheeler Farm. I will post pictures and more about that in another post.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I had my first midterm (not really midterm yet) yesterday in Biology and felt pretty good about it. I got it back today, I got a 98!!!!!! YEAH!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


On the last day of school the kids had a sleep over at Grandma & Grandpa's house. The next day the boys had their last baseball game. The game was at 11, but it was soooooo hot out. They lost every game this season, and this game was the start of a tournament. They came so close, lost by 1 in the last inning. They had fun and their coach was great! Anyway, I think with staying up late at grandma's and playing outside in the heat wore them all out, especially Jenna. This is how I found her later that afternoon.

School's Out For Summer!

Noah, Rylee, & Cole on their way to the last day of school!!!

Last Friday was the last day of school for the year. The kids were excited for summer, but a little sad to leave friends and their teachers. They all had great teachers that they loved! The cool thing the school did this year was tell them who their teacher will be for next year on the last day. They all got to meet their new teacher and see their new classrooms, they really enjoyed it! I think it is great because they (me, as well) don't stress about who their teacher might be or who is in their class. They had started the year with a flag ceremony and ended the year the same way! It was really cool!
Now we are trying to get on a summer schedule....I have school, the 3 older kids are in a summer school program 4 days a week for an hour and all 4 of them will start their summer rec classes on Monday. They each picked different classes they wanted to try: Rylee is trying tennis, Cole-drawing/watercolor, Noah- archery, and Jenna is doing a little creative play class for 3-5 year olds. They have these classes 3 days a week at the park near our house. On Wednesdays we will have our little neighborhood playgroup and I am hoping to take them to do something fun on Fridays as well (the 2 days I don't have class). Mike has been great getting them up and ready the 3 days I have class and his mom is going to help out a couple days a week and on Thursdays I have a long day, 3 classes, so they will have a babysitter that day. I think we are going to be so busy and hopefully having some fun that summer will fly by!