Friday, March 28, 2008


So as usual I have not been posting regularly on my blog, oops! Sorry. I don't think most people really care, but since I don't keep a journal real regularly either I do care. I enjoy reading others blogs and seeing what's up with them especially those family and friends we don't get to see nearly enough. This post is going to be very random, sorry again.
1-I had all last week off from school and what did I accomplish? Not much. I read a good book, hung out with Mike's family still in town from the wedding, played with Jenna, interviewed for and was offered a new job, got TB test and tetnus shot for new job, went to see Horton Hears a Who with the fam (enjoyed it!), Easter egg hunt with the kids at Mike's parents, ate yummy Easter turkey with my parents and some siblings, watched the first few parts of the HBO miniseries John Adams (wonderful, and educational), had a much needed GNO....
2-This week I started my new job and am really excited about it. Orientation was not too exciting and so far training has been rather dull, but I am looking forward to the job. We will get benefits and they will pay for my school and I can get into nursing school faster which means I will be done faster. I figure the next few years will be crazy but so worth it! (at least that is what I keep telling myself) I also went back to school this week and realized I should have studied at least some of my break, oops! Oh well, that just means more studying this weekend.
3-It snowed yesterday! I didn't realize we were expecting a storm and was rather surprised to see a couple inches on the ground when we woke up. My recently opened daffodils looked pretty surrounded by snow. Of course it all melted before the end of the day, but I think we might get more this weekend. I am looking forward to next week when we should be back in the 50's.
4-The kids came home with their report cards yesterday and overall it was way to go kiddos! Rylee was so excited because she got a 4 in social behavior for the first time ine her life. (a 4 is an A) Usually she is a 2 or 3 point something since she enjoys talking so much.
5-Jenna has been soooo whiny lately, I hate it! She doesn't want to listen to anything and wants her way on every thing. I am trying so hard to be patient with her, any suggestions? On the plus side she has slept in her room (she still insists on sleeping on the floor, whatever) and stayed in her room all night the last 3 nights! Halleluah! It has been a couple months now since the whole "pee" incident started and since she has been sleeping normal. I just hope this new trend continues.
Right now I am drawing a blank. I don't have much else to share. I know my life is not too exciting but I am trying to enjoy all of it and appreciate how blessed I am. Even the hard "stuff" is a blessing, I just hope some day I really learn and appreciate it all.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008



Monday, March 17, 2008

What a Shiner!

Friday night we were all hanging out at Mike's parents. Us ladies left for a couple hours and left the kids with the guys. When we got back Cole was holding ice to his eye. I guess the kids were wrestling and Joey's (16 year old) knee hit Cole's eye. He had a huge bump just above his eye, he was so proud that he didn't even cry when it happened. Anyway he woke up Saturday with a bit of a purple eye and then Sunday it was even more purple. This is what it looks like today. It keeps spreading and looking worse. It is still pretty swollen. Not his first black eye and I'm sure not his last.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pinewood Derby

Besides the wedding and the boys birthdays this week we also had the Pinewood derby this morning. It was the boys first and they have been so excited for weeks. They have been planning their designs the problem was that Mike didn't start working on them with them until this week. I know, it's a little late but they got them done, in large thanks to Mike's brother in law Jon. Rylee and Mike also made a car. They all had fun even though their cars didn't do too well. I think next year they will start a little earlier.

A Wedding and Family

On Thursday Mike's niece Ashley got was married to a neat guy, Brett. It made for a crazy week with family coming to stay and helping get things ready and the wedding dinner and the sealing and the reception and pictures etc. Despite all the craziness is was a great week. The dinner was wonderful (thanks mom and dad for staying with the kids) and the sealing was nice. The reception was at the 23rd Floor at the Wells Fargo Building and it was amazing! Mike's sister Wendy (the mother of the bride) is very talented in the party planning area and she along with her sister Shellie (caterer,etc by trade) way out did themselves. The decor was beautiful, the food was yummy, and the atmosphere was celebratory. The 23rd Floor is a neat venue with an incredible view of the mountains. It was a rainy day and at one point in the afternoon there was a rainbow. I tried to get a picture, but you can't really see it in the pic. We had to be there early for pictures and we helped set up. I am glad I came prepared, the kids (mostly the boys) were bored until I pulled the toys. I brought Legos and video games to keep them occupied and they were great! Their favorite part of the evening was the candy bar. I guess it's a new thing at weddings and was definitely a hit at this one! Doesn't Jenna look cute with the flower in her hair and the pose she's making? The other pic is of Rylee with her cousin Shannon (sister to the bride) and her Aunt Cheryl (Mike's sister from Northern CA that we were lucky enough to have stay with us this weekend), aren't they cute? I didn't take any pics of the bride and groom, but they both looked great too. It was a great day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Don't know how many of you have seen this yet, but it's awesome! There are tons of other movie trailers and other videos on YouTube!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Family Tradition

This has become the tradition at at Delozier family gatherings: Rylee and Eliza (my niece) choreograph a dance and perform for all of us. They usually are nice enough to include Jenna. This pic is from the fam get together the other night. And not surprisingly they did a dance to a Jonas Brothers song. Anyone not familiar with the Jo Bros? If not you must not have a daughter 7 or older. I think they are ok, and worth checking out. I am personally in love with Nick like Jenna.

My Boys are 9!

Cole & Noah turned 9 years old yesterday! I cannot believe it! At church on Sunday I was looking at some 4 month old twins and thinking back to those days. Sometimes I can't remember them all too well, I think maybe I am trying to block out those first few months. All I did was feed them, change them, and hold them. They seemed so tiny. They were a lot of work but so worth it! It's even better now because I don't have to change them or feed them (well sort of). Now I get to talk with them, laugh with them, tease them, and hug them (they are too big to hold). They are so alike and yet so unique. They enjoy a lot of the same things but have been trying more to show their individuality. They even sometimes don't want to be twins which makes me sad. I don't think they realize how much they depend on each other. Cole is definitely more shy and sensitive while Noah is more outgoing. Cole is happy drawing while Noah would rather be doing something a little more physical. They both have the sweetest smiles and they both can melt my heart. I love to listen to them get so excited about something that they are both talking so fast and loud, neither wants to be the first to stop. They both love cars, video games, and Lego bricks. This year they were lucky enough to get two big family celebrations. On Saturday my whole family came over to celebrate all the March bdays (5 including my boys). We ate yummy food and played a fun game. Then lastnight we got together with all of Mike's family. All they got from everyone was LEGO bricks and they were thrilled! They are working on homework right now trying to finish so they can go build. I love it! Usually it is trying to get done to play video games. Here are a couple pics of them. The first is lastnight opening all their Legos. The other is from Christmas of 2003 with Hot Wheels, their old favorite toy. They look so young and it was only a few years ago. They grow too fast.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

TWILIGHT the Movie

So I was wasting time on You Tube today and found this along with tons of other movie trailers, pics, etc all about Twilight. Just thought I would share since I know a lot of you have read and enjoyed these books and some are addicted!

Ok, I can't remember how to post a video from Youtube, some one help please! In the meantime go to you tube and put in Twilight Movie trailer. There are tons, make sure you check out the ones with the real cast of actors.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lockdown Update

So my sister Sara lives in Vegas and one of her friends there is the granddaughter of the gentlemen who owns Orchard Drug where the attempted robbery took place yesterday. Luckily the pharmacists, his grandson, and only one customer were in the store when it happened. The robber held a loaded gun to the pharmacists head and demanded oxycotin which he was told they did not have because they are a small pharmacy. He then wanted percocet and loritab. When he was told they don't stock those either he got angry and left. Thank goodness he left instead of doing something crazy (or crazier). I am glad everyone at the pharmacy as well as at the school were all ok. It makes me wonder how messed up the guy is who tried to get the drugs. Is he so addicted that he resorted to armed robbery? How did he get so messed up? How old/young is he? What about his family? Addiction is an awful disease, like cancer, that can mess up the lives of those who are suffering from it as well as their family and friends. I am going to pray for the man who robbed as well as the ones who were robbed.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I was at home this afternoon, studying and listening to Jenna and her best buddy, Braden playing in the other room when a friend stopped by. She informed me that our kids school was on lockdown and that there were cops (from 5 different cities) everywhere by the school. For a split second I panicked, then tried my best to remain calm until I got all the facts. I guess there was a robbery at the drug store near the school and the suspect got away, so the officials (cops, principal) took the approproprate action to protect our children. It was nearing the end of the school day and we were wondering what would happen when the phone rang. It was a recorded message from the principal informing us of the situation and the fact that we had to check our kids out from their classrooms with picture ID. I was so worried that my kids were scared and panicking, but as I arrived at each of their classrooms I was greeted in a normal fashion, they were each just glad school was done for the day. I was able to relax knowing they were fine both pysically and emotionally. I am grateful to faculty and teachers for keeping their cool and following guidelines and protecting my babies.
On a funny note, I called Mike to tell him what was happening and he asked if this meant that he finally got to wear his green hat and vest from our CERT training. (for those who don't know what I am talking about; sorry, too long to try and explain it.) I laughed and realized another blessing today: A husband who knows what to say and when to say it to help me destress.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Baby is Growing Up...

Jenna got mail today and was soooo excited! It was her registration packet for Kindergarten. I don't know if any other piece of mail has ever made me so sad. I have been so excited for her to start Kindergarten, until today. I have been a little emotional the last few days anyway, but I started crying today when I realized what was in this envelope and all that it entails. When Ry started Kindergarten I was thrilled! She was (and is) so independent and ready to start. She was so excited and I thought I would be sad, but didn't shed a tear. When the boys started kindergarten I cried a little. They are more dependent on me and each other (they would be spending most of their time apart for the first time) and they were so scared and when Cole starting tearing up I joined him. I really have been looking forward to Jenna starting and didn't think I would be so emotional about it. If I cried today, what am I going to do on the actual first day?

Our New View...

I have mixed feeling about the new homes going in next door. It was sad they knocked down an old (over 100 years) home with lots of character, but it was in desperate need of major repair. Now they are building 4 new homes (3 single residences, 1 twinhome) which are going to be really nice and new but huge with no yards. We liked not having our neighbors closer than a few yards away and now they will be only a matter of inches, ok feet, away. I just hope someone interesting moves in so as we are staring into their windows (we sit up higher than they do so we will have a nice view right into some of the homes back windows) we get a good laugh at least.