Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fishing, Swimming, & Relaxing

Last week we took the boat out again this time in nice hot temps. We were about 20 minutes from home when one of the tires on the trailer blew out. Luckily (actually not luck, we were being watched over) the trailer didn't fish tail or anything like that. We were able to pull right over and then drove 1/2 mile to the next exit where there happened to be a car care center. We got it all taken care of and were off again. There were only a handful of other boats which was nice. We found a little alcove and put the anchor in. We fished (with no luck) and swam and just hung out. It was great!

Here's Mike showing off and doing a backflip into the water.

Here's Jenna who kept wanting to get in, but only if mom got in with her. So I jumped in and she still wouldn't get in. I decided she just needed to get in and then would be fine so I threw her in. She got right out and was a little upset with me. Mike says I traumatized her.

Here's Ry & Cole swimming in the nice cool water. It was cold but not as cold as I thought it would be and since it was so hot outside it felt pretty good.

Here's Noah just fishing. We saw lots of fish jumping but none of had any luck catching anything.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I must be feeling a little down...

I must be feeling a little down today because I pampered myself and baked.

I love to bake and have not found or made the time much recently. It was so hot today I didn't really want to turn on the oven but I really felt the need to bake. The cookies are way yummy, so now I just have to keep myself from eating too many (another thing I tend to do when feeling down).

Sorry this is such an awful pic. I also pampered myself a little today which I haven't done in awhile. My friend Rachel had actually called last week to see about getting pedicures and we were originally planning on going yesterday. We ended up waiting until today and I am so glad we did because I really needed it today (funny how things work out that way, hmmmmm). It was nice to get pampered and visit with a good friend. Thanks Rachel.

One great thing that happened today...my aunt Karen B called from Virginia and we talked for over an hour. I love chatting with her and rarely do. An unexpected phone call, an unexpected treat!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ry's great floor routine!!!

Our Champion

Ry had her state gymnastics meet on Friday. She was sooooooo nervous, but did not need to be. She did her best and was awesome!!! She struggled with the vault again this time but did her personal best on the other 3 events. Her score for the beam was not her highest but overall it was her best beam performance. She was so smooth and graceful and balanced and then she fell on her cartwheel. She still scored a 8.275 and since the deduction for falling off is .8 she would have scored at least a 9. She got 9.0 on bars which earned her 5th place and a 9.35 on the floor which was good enough for 2nd. She got 8th place for all around out of over 30 girls. She was happy and we were very proud of her. At the same age I would not have worked so hard and competed in front of people in anything. Now she has the summer to work on her routines until the fall when the next competition season begins. Way to go RY! You are our champion!

Ry posing for me!

Ry on the podium for bars (5th).

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jenna's Belated Bday Party

We finally had Jenna's bday party the other night. She wanted to go swimming with all her friends and has been "patiently" waiting. It was a lot of fun! Thanks to all who came and celebrated with us and for all the fun gifts.

All her friends and family singing "Happy Birthday to Jenna"

All the kiddos playing in the pool, luckily Monday was actuall nice and warm so they could play in the outside pool.

Monday, June 09, 2008

My Funny Kids!

Today my kids all made me smile and laugh because of something they said.
First, I had to work most the day and when I got home Ry was on the computer (checking out the JoBros on youtube). It's usually like pulling teeth to get her off but when I said Hi she came running over and hugged me. She said I needed a mom hug! Thanks Ry.
A little later the boys were discussing their finances. This has been a recent and somewhat constant topic of discussion with them lately. They are trying to save money to buy some Legos they want. They have been selling their hot wheels and doing odd jobs for Mike's mom to earn money. They were asking about tithing and tax and trying to figure out how much more they needed to save. They asked me how much I will make in a day when I am a nurse. They said will you make about $25 a day? I laughed and said most nurses make more than that each hour. They looked at each other wide eyed and commented almost simultaneously (that twin vibe going) "wow, we are going to be rich!" I wish.
Then tonight Jenna was helping me with my homework. I needed a preschool age child to do some of Piaget's tasks with and she just so happens to be a preschool age child so it was perfect. It also gave us some playtime together. So I was having her compare different objects and about half way through she said "I am smart. I am as smart as a cookie!" She was so proud of her self and I couldn't stop smiling.
Thanks guys for making my day today. I love you!!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pineview Resevoir

We have been praying and hoping for a nice ward day since we got back from CA with the boat so we could take the kids out. Well, mother nature is not cooperating much. I know I have blogged before about the weather in Utah being a little strange and unpredictable, but I don't remember a spring like this before. We seem to be alternating between spring and winter and summer over and over. Finally yesterday afternoon the sun came out and it warmed up a little bit. I woke up at about 3:30 (I had worked the grave shift 2 nights in a row) and Mike was ready to enjoy the weather. We decided to head to Pineview and even though it was too cold to swim or ski we figured the kids would enjoy at least a boat ride. My parents met us there and they had my sister's 3 kids with them as well. We got the boat in the water, life jackets on all the kiddos, and took off. It was chilly but sunny and absolutley beautiful out. We could not believe how high the water was! Everything was so green and just beautiful (I think I already said that but that is what it was). The kids had a blast! It was fun, but I look forward to some nice hot weather so we can swim and ski. I am excited to see Ry try out a wakeboard and skiing. I think with her upper body strenth she will be awesome.


Jenna helping daddy drive the boat. She was so excited until we got there and then was a little timid at first about getting on the boat. Once we were going though she was ecstatic!

All the kiddos enjoying the ride!

Jenna having a blast! Isn't she so cute!?!?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

An OLD New Addition

Mike found out a couple weeks ago that his Uncle Steve Martin (not the Steve Martin, an even better Steve Martin) had a boat that they were trying to get rid of so Mike jumped at the oppurtunity and we are now the proud owners of an old 1971 (same age as Mike) boat. The only hitch; the boat was in CA. Mike headed out last week to install some granite countertops for a friend out that way and picked up the boat at the same time. Luckily his brother in law who also lives out that way is a mechanic. So he checked the boat out and they got it running. I flew out Sunday morning to drive back with Mike (and have a little break). I arrived Sunday afternoon and relaxed by the pool while the guys got the boat going. Then we headed about 20 minutes down the road to Lake Commanche to try it out. It was awesome! It rides smooth and is in great shape. On the way back from the lake Mike's check engine light came on in his truck. Again, we are lucky his brother in law is a mechanic. They were able to determine the problem and get it all taken care of on Monday. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! Jon! He saved us, not only from breaking down on the way home across the Sierra's and Nevada, but also hundreds of dollars. We owe you BIG time! The truck did give us an excuse to stay an extra day and hang out with his sister and brother in law a little more. I also got in some more pool/relaxing/sleeping/reading time. Thanks!!! to my mom and dad and Mike's mom and dad for keeping the kids and making sure they were fed and happy. Anyway, we took 2 days to get home and finally made it back Wed. evening. Now we just need the weather to change into summer (if it ever plans on it this year) so we can take the kids out in the boat. They are so excited, and so are we!!!

The Boat, we have not decided on an official name yet. For those of you who know the story of Mike proposing, we are considering Mary Carly.

Mike at the helm, during the test run.

This is where I spent most of my time while there. It was sooooo peaceful. Thanks Cheryl and Jon! Thanks Mom and Dad! Thanks Bob & Carol! Thanks Uncle Steve!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Amazing Daughter!

On a happier note, yesterday Rylee had another gymnastic meet up in Park City. I wish I had a picture of the look of pure joy on her face when she scored her first 9.15! I wish I had captured the look of excitement and satisfaction as she stepped up onto the 1st place spot on the podium! She has worked so hard and tried her best at each competition and I have been very proud of her. Yesterday I was even more proud! She did awesome! She scored higher that she had in 3 of the 4 events. She got 3 medals and placed 4th for the all around. I can only imagine how she must feel. All the hard work and frustration has paid off. What better reward than to accomplish what she has all by herself. Way to go RY!!!!


It is 11:27 a.m. and I am sitting in the Las Vegas airport all by myself crying. Not because I missed my flight or because I am scared or lonely but because I am sad. I was sitting here on a lay over when it hit me that the last time I was in this airport (also on a lay over) was October 17, 2005. I was with my little brother Devin and Jenna sitting on the floor eating lunch heading back to Salt Lake from San Diego when my phone rang. It was my dad calling to tell us that my brother Brandon had just passed away. Devin & I just sat there and cried. We had said our final goodbyes to B only hours before. I miss B, I think of him often and usually at weird moments. Something will happen and I think "Oh, I gotta call B and tell him" and then I remember that I can't. I have been thinking about him a lot recently. Remembering the trip to Laramie for his law school graduation. And the trip to Denver when his sweet daughter, Kaienta was born. And many years back when he was trying to teach me to drive a stick. And the last time I was with him and he was barely conscious but he he made a little gesture and I knew he knew I was there. I love you and miss you B!