Sunday, October 25, 2009

The New Cast

Jenna got her new cast last week and it's so much nicer! She chose bright orange, perfect just for Halloween! Now she can get it wet and play soccer again. I am so glad it is healing like the Dr wanted.

My Kiddos

I am a proud mom! My kids always make me proud but it has been fun lately watching them learn and try new things.

Cole got his guitar for Christmas almost 2 years ago and we finally found a teacher for him, my dad! He LOVES playing and he is pretty good. He enjoys the time with my dad and he even enjoys practicing, I don't even have to remind him. He is learning to play a bit of everything from primary songs to Neil Young and now he is working on some Beatles songs. (You could probably guess who his teacher is without me telling, you just from the song choices).

Rylee is taking band this year and learning to play the clarinet. She seems to enjoy it and we get a kick out of listening to her practice. The best is when she is playing a song and doesn't quite blow enough or maybe too much and it squeaks like a barking seal. ;-) Mike tried playing the other day and could not get even the tiniest sound out. Go RY!

The other night we had the privilege of attending an art openhouse for Noah's class at the SLC library downtown. They had an art teacher come to their class and they made these neat paintings and now they are on display for a month. Noah's work is titled
"The Everlasting Ocean."

Monday, October 12, 2009

Babies, babies, everywhere...

and I still have no desire to have another one...
I have had the privilege to witness some births, assess and bathe newborns, and hold & feed lots of sweet tiny babies lately. I recently finished my OB clinicals for nursing school, visited a good friend and her new little guy, spent a few hours with my 1 month old nephew, and attended a baby shower for my pregnant niece. WOW! It's funny because many people have asked if it makes me want another one, without hesitation the answer is no. I am very content with my cute family and feel that it is complete. That's not to say I don't love having lots of babies around to hold and love on!

They are so cute, especially this little guy. Roran is such a calm baby (so far) and just seems so happy and content.

My kids all keep telling me we need a baby at our house. That's what they now want for Christmas, sorry kiddos, ain't happening. You can play with Roran anytime you want though.

Here is my cute niece, Jacque. She is not due until January but lives in CA and was here for the weekend for a baby shower. Mike was telling her how weird it was to see her pregnant, he remembers holding her when she was a newborn.

The Green Casts

I forgot I had promised to post some pics of both my girls in their green casts. Jenna's is a brighter green and a bit bigger. We are hoping to get a smaller cast next week! Poor Jenna is so tiny and that cast seems to way as much as she does. She has been really good, hardly complaining. She did ask me the other day how to spell sad, nothing unusual, she often asks me how to spell stuff as she practices writing. So I had her sound it out and figure it out herself. A few minutes later she handed me a note that said "mom, I am sad." I asked her why she was sad and she said because she can't dance or do the monkey bars with only one arm. Ahhhh. Then today she told me she likes having a broken arm because people wrote on her cast and they are extra nice to her. OK.

Rylee broke her arm the same time of year, in a similar way (those darn bars). Luckily her break was not quite as bad so she had the smaller cast the whole time. She informed me the other day that even with her cast she still did the bars at school. Luckily she didn't tell me until now.