Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fun Filled Family Day

Cole loved the buffet: pizza, pasta, and dessert, all favorites of his.
 I have been working SO much recently. I LOVE my job, but it is hard working days. I feel like I don't see Mike and the kiddos as much. They had a couple days off of school for UEA and luckily I had a day off too. We took advantage and spent the day as a family. First we tried a new pizza buffet in town, it was pretty good. The kids loved the dessert pizzas the best.
Jenna liked the oreo pizza the best!

 Then we stopped by the Farmington Pond so Mike could show us where he has been fishing lately. We walked around the pond and the kids all took a few turns swinging on a rope swing. I thought for sure one of them would fall in the cold water, but luckily they all hung on tight and stayed dry.
We then headed to Get Air (an indoor trampoline park). It was a lot of fun, but my pictures were all blurry.
Then we went to the movies! It was a fun day! So nice to be together and just enjoy each other.




My crazy kiddos!

Their crazy parents.

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