Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Game of the (almost) Quarter Century

The Cheerleaders and the Football team,
both so much fun to watch!
We have had so much fun going to all the WX Football games this year. We go of course to watch Rylee cheer, but the team has had their best year in a LONG time, so it has been fun to cheer them on as well. The night of the big rivalry game was cold and very wet. It rained all afternoon and through out most of the game. We had home field advantage and it was packed, despite the weather. It was a great game, the boys played their best and held on strong to beat Bountiful 14-0. It was the first time WX had beat Bountiful in a football game in 23, yes 23, years!
The students ready to rush onto the field to celebrate.

It was SO wet, but the students and players didn't seem to
notice as they celebrated an amazing win!

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