Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Big Performance

Cole doing his thing!

Dad, Grandpa, Band Leader
                          My parents neighbors had their annual family Halloween party. The band set up in their garage, luckily it was a beautiful night outside. They were amazing!!! It was so much fun watching my dad and my boys doing something they love.  I kept telling Cole to smile. He told me rock stars don't smile. I said well at least look like you are having fun, he assured me he was. They covered some Beatles, Tom Petty, and more. Everyone enjoyed listening and some even danced. Thanks dad for teaching my boys to appreciate music and for creating incredible experiences they will never forget!
The Playlist

Noah didn't smile much either.

Taylor and Grandpa

My amazing talented boys! So much fun watching and listening
to them play. 

Cole and Eliza

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Katie said...

This is so awesome! What great memories. I want to hear them:)